3D Project Development Designer

Type: Full Time


Department: Design Engineering Services

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Coordinate with Project Development Managers and Engineers to produce 3D drawings for site development, process flow diagrams, and equipment layouts for a variety of engineering and construction projects.

2. Participate in design review meetings with Project Development Manager and owner.

3. Provide input to Project Development as to number of hours required to complete drawings for a project based on a given scope of work.

4. Travel to project site to gather pertinent dimensional information.

5. Produce preliminary steel layout and minor platform design as required.

6. Perform minor calculations for system design (surge bin sizing, spouting size selection, dust collection CFM requirements, and minor conveyor sizing), with assistance from the Project Development Manager.

7. Minor coordination with vendors gathering equipment dimensions & specifications. Check equipment drawings for fit within a system.

8. Coordinate with a variety of Project Development Mangers, Engineering & Design Manager, Design Engineers, Engineers, Project Coordinators, and other team members to produce conceptual process designs and drawings for a variety of engineering and construction projects.

9. Stay abreast of developments in computer software and hardware needs as it relates to CAD and 3D Modeling, and recommend upgrades and improvements to company systems.

10. Continue development of company standards for drawing production.

11. Participate in design reviews of projects in the design/drafting phase with project Development Manager, Engineering & Design Manger, Design Engineers, Engineers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, and Project Supervisors as pertinent.

12. May perform some actual design and drafting work as time allows.

13. Other duties as assigned.

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