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Project Manager

Date Posted
March 31, 2022
Full Time
Construction Operations
Des Moines, Iowa

Job Details

The Project Manager (PM) shall be responsible for the overall management and delivery of all assigned projects in accordance with the project documents and the project expectations listed below. Projects involve the construction of facilities associated with the Seed, Grain, and Feed Mill processing industries.

The Project Manager is able to successfully manage a variety of large and complex projects. Provides’ personal and professional leadership to junior members of the organization.


Project Manager must consistently achieve the following Project Expectations:

  1. “Incident Free” execution of all Company and Subcontractor work scopes.
  2. Build a quality project, in accordance with the Customer’s expectations.
  3. Maintain good Customer relation throughout the course of the project.
  4. Complete the project in accordance with the Customer’s schedule requirements.
  5. Achieve project budget goals.
  6. Build and maintain good subcontractor and material supplier relations.

Project Managers shall be responsible for planning, executing and monitoring all aspects of the project, and following the guidelines outlined in the Company Project Execution Manual.  The Project Manager is the primary contact person for the Customer, all vendors, Subcontractors, and internally for the Company. The specific responsibilities include the following:


  • Precontract support as requested by the Project Development Manager:
    • Participate in developing / reviewing preliminary project execution plan.
    • Assist in assessing site conditions and constructability of the design.
    • Review of the project estimate.
    • Assist with the subcontracted scope development and quotes.
    • Participate in the bid review to assess risk, necessary contingency and margin.


  • Project Entry:
    • Coordinate as necessary with the Project Development Manager to ensure complete entry package.
    • Confirm self-performed scope versus subcontracted scope.
    • Confirm budgets and format of the cost accounting for proper entry into Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains software.
  • Project Planning:
    • Establish communication with Customer with regard to the project, confirm contacts, general project scope, establish initial planning meeting with them, etc.
    • Confirm the Project Team assignments and notify Team of initial project meeting.
    • Responsible for developing, communicating, documenting, monitoring and revising the project plan as necessary to achieve the project goals defined above.
    • Prepare and update the project schedule in Microsoft Project.
    • Prepare preliminary documents for the Customer, such as cash flow schedule, schedule of values, contact information, project organization chart, etc.


  • Design:
    • Review the preliminary designs with the assigned Design Engineer and Designer and confirm scope of work and plan for final design, engineering support and drawing requirements.
    • Monitor progress and adjust priorities as necessary.
    • Responsible for the coordination with the Customer thru the design process (RFI).
    • Ensure all vendor and subcontractor information is provided to the design and engineering group. And that all of the Company design information is communicated to the vendors and subcontractors.


  • Purchasing:
    • Identify existing and any new vendors that will be utilized on the project.
    • Coordinate preparation of Equipment Lists and Material Lists and any necessary material or equipment specifications needed to order the materials.
    • Solicit RFQ’s from vendors, select the lowest qualified bidder and coordinate with the Project Coordinator to issue purchase orders.
    • Coordinate delivery schedules and shipping sequence with the Construction Manager, Supply Chain Specialist and Superintendent to ensure materials are on-site when needed.
    • Approve invoices for payment and coordinate entry with the Project Coordinator.


  • Subcontracting:
    • Identify existing and new subcontractors that will be utilized on the project.
    • Establish work scope for each subcontractor and coordinate with the Project Coordinator  to generate and execute the subcontract.
    • For new subcontractors coordinate the prequalification of Subcontractor with the Customer as required, the Project Coordinator, Safety Manager and Project Management Leader as appropriate.
    • Execute the subcontract documents with the Subcontractor.
    • Coordinate all design activities with the Subcontractor, and work with the Designer, and the Project Coordinator thru the submittal and design phase to ensure constructability, compatibility and completeness of work.
    • Monitor the Subcontractors progress to ensure schedule and coordination with Company crews and other subcontractors.
    • Monitor safety compliance on-site.
    • Monitor workmanship and ensure quality meets Customer requirements.
    • Initiate change management as necessary.
    • Coordinate all start-up and Commissioning requirements.
    • Coordinate all punch list and warranty issue work.
    • Initiate and coordinate closeout activities, including final invoicing, O&M manuals, as-built drawings, etc.
    • Approve invoices for payment and coordinate entry with the Project Coordinator.


  • Construction – Coordinate work scope and execution with the Superintendent and the Construction Manager:
    • Ensure Construction Manager has complete information regarding work scope, estimates, Customer requirements, design requirements, etc.
    • Ensure a good construction plan is developed and communicated to the Superintendent.
    • Coordinate a pre-construction meeting with the Project Team.
    • Monitor progress with the Construction Manager and make adjustment as necessary.
    • Monitor safety and quality on-site to ensure compliance with all project requirements and Customer expectations.
    • Coordinate punch list and warranty issues with the Construction Manager.
    • Coordinate any as-built information from the field with the designer.
    • Establish crew requirements for start-up and commissioning.


  • Start-up and Commissioning:
    • Initiate Commissioning planning meeting early in the project.
    • Coordinate with the assigned commissioning lead, vendors, subcontractors, Company construction crews, and the Customer on the start-up and commissioning phase.
    • Initiate punch list with the Customer, and communicate to the responsible parties and ensure satisfactory completion.
    • After project close-out, coordinate resolution of any warranty issues.


  • On-going responsibilities throughout the project:
    • Leadership in maintaining positive and effective communication during the course of the project.
    • Lead Customer progress meetings as established or as needed to accomplish the project goals listed above.
    • Lead weekly internal progress meeting on all assigned projects.
    • Identify and resolve contract change requests; including document preparation, execution and entry of change orders. Coordinate with the Sales Lead to properly price and present the change order proposal.
    • Monitor safety performance, workmanship, work progress and scheduling to ensure Customer satisfaction.
    • Initiate monthly invoicing process, and provide follow-up on payment status as necessary.
    • Complete accurate monthly job cost forecasting.
    • Lead monthly project reviews when issues or cost performance fall outside established criteria.
    • Provide support to the Safety Manager as necessary to meet contract requirements.


  • Project Close-Out:
    • Reconcile final billings from all vendors and Subcontractors, including all change orders, lien waivers and invoices.
    • Reconcile final project cost with change orders, allowances, etc with the final invoicing.
    • Reconcile cost forecasting with regard to committed costs.
    • Coordinate the preparation of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals and as-built drawings for the project as required by the Customer.
    • Lead a final review of the project and prepare a Lesson Learned report identifying opportunities for improvement.
    • Coordinate with the Project Coordinator to ensure all project related files are properly archived.


  • General office responsibilities:
    • Actively participate in Company provided safety and skills training.
    • Actively participate in Company assigned improvement initiatives.
    • Contribute to a positive and productive working environment.
    • Provide backup to colleagues in other areas of the Company.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • Ability to effective manage own travel schedule to successfully execute the assigned projects.




  • A thorough knowledge of Company issued manuals, handbooks, and procedures:
    • Safety Handbook
    • Office and Field Employee Handbooks
  • Familiar with the current Company Business Plan.
  • Good working knowledge of construction related documents such as; plans and specifications, contract agreements and proposals, subcontracts, purchase orders, rental and lease agreements, etc.
  • Good understanding of subcontracting and procurement practices.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Proficiency with Adobe Pro and MS Office software, such as: Word, Excel, Project and Power Point.



  • BS Degree in Agriculture or Engineering and Construction or equivalent experience.
  • Three (3) years experience in the Seed, Grain, or Feed Mill industry desirable.

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