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Yaggie's, Inc. - Oat Mill Process Design & Construction

Posted on 04/05/2022 at 01:31 PM by Ann Stutler

When Yaggie's Inc., a manufacturer of oat flakes used in animal feeds, became aware of customer concerns surrounding inconsistent product quality, the company sought out Bratney to help design and build a new processing plant to produce consistent, high quality, feed-grade oats. Check out the video below or read on to learn more about Yaggie’s, their decision to select Bratney for the turnkey project, and how the project continues to positively impact their business.



In 2015, following a large boom in the oat industry, Yaggie’s, a family-owned business located in Yankton, South Dakota, recognized the increasing need for faster, more efficient, better quality oat processing. By re-evaluating their entire process and determining what changes needed to be made to better meet customer expectations, Yaggie’s concluded a new facility was the solution.

While other companies struggled to holistically understand Yaggie’s requirements for their new facility, Bratney thoroughly collaborated with Yaggie’s while adjusting and adapting to the company’s needs as necessary. Dan Delforge, manager of Yaggie’s, noted that when selecting what company would complete this project,

"Other companies we talked to all wanted to build a food-grade facility. Our goal was to take that food-grade quality but apply it to the feed-grade industry. Bratney was really the only company that was willing to listen to us and adapt and change to meet what we actually wanted, and not force us down a path we didn’t."

Ultimately, due to Bratney’s collaborative design-build process and highly involved design engineers and project managers, Bratney was able to provide Yaggie’s with a turnkey oat processing and packaging facility that produces oat flakes, groats, steamrolled oat groats, rolled oats flour, and ground oat hulls for a variety of animal feed uses.


Bratney designed a new process that created not only the finished quality desired but also a new revenue stream with a branch off the main processing line to recover and mill a previously discarded portion of the oat. The facility includes a processing tower with a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs/ hour of whole oats, pneumatic finished product transfer for gentle handling, automated bagging and palletizing, and an enclosed bulk load out lane.


Following the new facility, Deforge said that prospective customers are highly impressed when they visit the plant, and customers all over the country have been requesting Yaggie’s products and facility tours. While unusually harsh weather conditions added complexities to the project, Bratney successfully coordinated construction crews, sub-contractors, and equipment suppliers from multiple countries to deliver the project on time. The innovative oat facility has allowed Yaggie’s to secure new customers, double their processing capacity, make much-needed updates to outdated equipment, maintain customer satisfaction, and achieve consistent product quality.

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