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ICE ES Series Sheller/Drum Pre-Cleaner

Need to update your current shelling operations? New to the market is the ICE ES Series Sheller/Drum style Pre-cleaner. With proven designs and new improvements, we are able to offer a more efficient and cost effective system with operator safety a priority. We have carefully redesigned the sheller/pre-cleaner and taken all suggestions from the field to make the New and Improved models the best in the industry.

Sheller/Drum Pre-Cleaner Capacities:ICE ES Series Sheller/Drum Pre-Cleaner

  • ES2500 -- up to 3000 bph
  • ES1200 -- up to 1500 bph
  • ES250 -- up to 500 bph
  • ES120 -- up to 150 bph

Standard Features:

  • Gentle shelling
  • Strategically placed multiple point aspiration system that requires less CFM than the competition
  • Modular design will allow for more versatility in new AND existing installations
  • Enclosed system design for more efficient dust control and added safety for the operators
  • Multiple inspection points
  • Quick screen release system for fast cleanout between hybrids.
  • Designed to virtually eliminate dynamic load/vibration issues (compared to traditional reciprocating pre-cleaners), for easier and less costly installations.

The Latestest Improvements:

  • Precision manufacturing with quality control for a superior fit and finish.
  • Added high strength and abrasion resistant materials throughout the sheller cage and rotor to prolong equipment life.
  • New PATENT PENDING cob door/shock system. This new system is easier to service and has less moving parts for improved operator safety.
  • Standard lock tabs on all sheller access doors and optional lock style latches on the pre-cleaner for improved operator safety.


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