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Cimbria Mega Cleaner



Full-width shaker feederFULL-WIDTH SHAKER FEEDER

• Has infinitely variable adjustment of the feed capacity via a separate control panel

• Ensures uniform flow over the entire width of the screen

• Is self-cleaning

• Considerably improves air cleaning, since the product hits the pre-suction area in a uniform manner

• is gentle with respect to leguminous seeds, paddy rice, etc.FULL-WIDTH SHAKER FEEDER Diagram

• Ensures optimum capacity utilization of the machine

• ensures no downtime due to blocked inlets

• requires no cleaning when changing products


Feed rollerFEED ROLLER

• Has an adjustable capacity shutter in combination with infinitely variable speed control of the feed roller, which controls the feed capacity

• Is not affected by lightweight waste material and large impurities such as stones, etc.

• Has a built-in spring-loaded safety device which protects the feed roller against damage



Combined dust extractionCOMBINED DUST EXTRACTION

• From the feed unit and screen section

• Ensures a high degree of cleanliness in both screen boxes

• Prevents exhaust of dust-filled air from the screen section




Feed units / pre-suction

Recirculating air for pre-suction and post-suction system RECIRCULATING AIR FOR PRE-SUCTION AND POST-SUCTION SYSTEM 

• Built as two separate air recirculation units

• Lowers the need for external air to 20% in relation to traditional systems

• Can be connected to existing central aspiration systems due to the small air volume

• Reduces plant and operating costs of aspiration

• Reduces energy consumption




Recirculating pre-suctionRECIRCULATING PRE-SUCTION

• Is built as a separate system to ensure precise and independent cleaning of the air

• Improves the cleaning effect of the screens and results in a higher capacity






Screw conveyor outlet for lightweight wasteSCREW CONVEYOR OUTLET FOR LIGHTWEIGHT WASTE

• Ensures continuous discharge of dust and waste from the air system via screw conveyors

• Has finger flaps to ensure optimal dust separation in the expansion chamber by preventing false air from entering the chamber






Screen boxes in plywood covered with Swedotex filmSCREEN BOXES IN PLYWOOD COVERED WITH SWEDOTEX FILM

• Are moisture-resistant and insectresistant, and approved by the food industrySCREEN BOXES IN PLYWOOD COVERED WITH SWEDOTEX FILM Diagram

• Are constructed with replaceable wear plates and screen runners in exposed areas

• Have a long lifetime due to the fact that the plywood easily copes with the vibrations of the screen box

• Give less resonance owing to the use of plywood, thus resulting in a better working environment


• Ensures 50% distribution of the grain flow via the top and bottom screen boxes respectively

• 50% and 33% distributors ensure distribution of the grain flow in each screen box between various screen rows




Change of product flowCHANGE OF PRODUCT FLOW

• Allows several different product flows according to the capacity, product, number of fractions, etc.

• By means of up to four different diagrams in the cleaner

• Ensures excellent purity and minimum waste

• Is easily carried out by changing the size of the screens and the position of the outlet trays

• The machine can be used as a pre-cleaner, industrial cleaner or fine cleaner


Screen section / screen diagrams

Cimbria Delta screens for all purposes

• Are available with round and oblong holes from 0.3 to 25.0 mm

• Are also available as wire-mesh screens for special productsCIMBRIA DELTA SCREENS FOR ALL PURPOSES

• Have as standard holes in the screen plates with very small tolerances, thus ensuring minimum cleaning loss

• Are available in a standard size of 1000 mm (L) x 1800 mm (W) = 1.8 m2 , which can be used in all Mega cleaners, thus reducing the number of screens required

Ball boxBALL BOX

• Ensures efficient cleaning of screens by means of rubber balls which are foodgrade approved

• Can maintain the cleaning effect at extremely low temperatures as the rubber balls are moulded in a material particularly well-suited to the task

• Is cast in one piece in order to prevent trapped seeds, etc. (self-cleaning)

• Is separately mounted in the screen box, which enables a quick change of screens without removing the ball boxes

Access to the screensACCESS TO THE SCREENS

• The access hatches have snapaction locks

• The hatches are small and hinged at the bottom

• Rapid changing of screens






Balanced eccentric system

• Is fitted with counterweights that ensure smooth runningBALANCED ECCENTRIC SYSTEM DiagramBALANCED ECCENTRIC SYSTEM

• Results in minimum stress on buildings and steel structures

• Rs fitted with »heavy duty« bearings

• Ensures maximum utilisation of the cleaning effect of the screens owing to carefully matched stroke and speed of rotation



• Are mounted externally, thus resulting in rapid and simple adjustment and replacement of the V-belts

External MOTORSExternal MOTORS

Suspension of screen boxesSUSPENSION OF SCREEN BOXES

• The screen boxes are suspended in Rosta suspension units with moveable parts in rubber

• Prevents transmission of vibrations to buildings and other machines

• Ensures that the machine can be located almost anywhere without expensive foundations needing to be established

• Balancing of the dynamic forces in the machine ensures extended operation without repair


Screen section / suspension - drive arrangement

Totally inclosed cleanersTOTALLY INCLOSED CLEANERS

• The cleaners are totally closed

• The doors are an integral part of the waste pipe system

• Easy and rapid access to replace outlet trays when changing flow





Covering of screen sectionsCOVERING OF SCREEN SECTIONS

• Both screen sections are covered with galvanised plate with rubber inspection hatches

• There is dust extraction from each screen box




SamplingPerson sampling the Gravity Separator

• Handy sampler

• Easy to take samples from the various outlet trays






Recirculating post-suction unit

• Ensures the highest purity of the product by means of the extraction of lightweight particles such as empty kernels, husks and dust, etc. when the product exits the cleaner via the exhaust unit


Exhaust unit for clean product

• Distributes the recirculated air so that all clean product is aerated

• The remaining lightweight kernels and dust particles are separated

• Fresh air is supplied at the same rate as the air that is removed in the mini-cyclone


After suction / wear plates


• Replaceable PEHD 1000 and Hardox wear plates are located at all exposed surfaces

• Easy to replace

• Repair intervals are extended

• Repair costs are reduced



Table describing specifications of various Cimbria mega cleaner modules

Diagram of Type 162 Diagram of Type 166Diagram of Type 167Diagram of Type 168



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