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ApplicationSeed cleaner

The indent cylinder divides the grains into two fractions according to their length. The machine is suitable for continuous or batch processing.

Design features

Indent cylinder with manual adjustable trough, exchangable retarder device and collecting hoppers, variable drive with revolution counter display and bearing support to cylinder, snap on
cylinder, pre-storage bin with feeder unit, fitted on table.


Speed of cylinder rotation - adjustable by frequency inverter, trough inclination plus/minus 15° (stepless), feeder unit - adjustable by frequency inverter.

Mode of operation

The grain samples flow from the pre-storage bin into the indent cylinder through the feeder unit. Grains fitting into the indents of the cylinder cover will be lifted up and, depending on the speed of cylinder rotation, drop out of the indents into the collecting tray. The longer grains remain in the cylinder cover. The grains from the tray and cylinder cover gather in two separate fractioning compartments for which guideways are provided under the
collecting hoppers

Dimensions (mm) Net Weight Drive Power Throughput (wheat)
  Length Width Height kg kW kg/h
Without Table 1200 420 745 100 0,5 300
With Table 1200 800 1465 115 0,5 300




Grains of approximately equal size and surface roughness can be graded into six fractions on this machine. Capable of yielding much better grading results than, for example, an air sifter, this machine is used predominately where the accuracy of air grading is no longer sufficient.

Design Features

Table with a reciprocating and fully adjustable deck, patented fully counterbalance excentric drive, feed hopper with electromagnetic feeding device, steplessly adjustment of fan and excentric drive by frequency inverter, quick changing of deck, completely wired - ready to plug in.


Feeder chute (stepless magnetic drive). Slope of deck in longitudinal and transversal inclination, during operation steplessly adjustable. Speed of fan and excentric drive adjustment by frequency inverter.

Working Mode

The rectangular deck is fitted with either a net or textile cloth cover, with mesh widths as required for the crop to be processed. An air stream is blown through the net or cloth from underneath. The drive motor imparts a shaking motion to the deck thereby transporting the product in an upward direction towards the heavy grain output side. A swinging chute takes the grain from the feed hopper to a single loading point on the deck, from where it spreads over the entire working surface in layers of different specific weight. The heavy grains sink on to the wire net (or cloth) which pushes them upwards towards the heavy grain output side, floating in the top layer of the mixture, the light-weight particles drift downwards in the direction of the table slope which can be adjusted in both length and inclination. From the deck side they drop into the light grain collecting hoppers. The outflowing grains are gathered in lateral receptacles arranged alongside the machine.

Dimensions in mm (without feeder and panel)
Length 1.560
Width 1.130
Height 1.400


Net weight Drive Power Throughput (wheat)
300 kg 1,87 kW 300 kg/h

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