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Data Sheet 181

Brush Machine DELTA 181.1-181.4


The Cimbria DELTA Brush Machines are suitable for handling grass seeds and clovers, and separating of double grasses. It is likewise employed to remove the hairy tails from germ end of oats. The brush machines are designed in a modular system and available with up to 4 cylinders. The last digit indicates the number of cylinders which may be arranged in series or in parallel (refer to diagram below).

The type DELTA 181.1 is manufactured in single execution while type 181.2 comprises two cylinders, etc.

Each cylinder is equipped with four heat resistant brushes which sweep the inner surface of the wire mesh basket. One of the features of this rotor system is the easy adjustment of the clearance between the brushes and the cylinder basket being operated by a single hand wheel positioned outside the machine.

Each cylinder basket consists of a two part easily interchangeable mesh and is available in various material and perforations.

All types of DELTA brush machines are totally enclosed, dust proof, and provided with aspirator spout for connection to the general dust collecting system or to a separate fan and cyclone.

To obtain optimal performance all the main adjustments are achieved by means of control handles conveniently positioned outside the machine.

  1. Inlet with distribution plates
  2. Dividing arrangement 50/50
  3. Rotor with 4 heat resisting brushes
  4. Control wheel for adjustment of clearance between brushes and basket
  5. Cylindrical wire basket
  6. Adjustable discharge shutter
  7. Inspection doors
  8. Maintenance doors for rotor
  9. Discharge of the material from the wire basket
  10. Discharge of the sample passing in wire screen
  11. cover and guide plate for the material passing the screen
  12. Connecting flange for conveyor or spout
  13. Motor with pulley and V-belts
  14. Aspiration spout

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