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Development, design, production, assembly and installation of seed and grain processing plants

Seed Processing and Grain Cleaning

Our product range includes all machines required for the cleaning, drying, sorting, treating, weighing and packing of cereals, pulse, peanuts, green coffee, rice, etc:

• Planning and assembly of turnkey seed processing plants

• Planning, production and assembly of turnkey plants for the industrial treatment and processing of cereals and all types of grains

• Planning, production and assembly of turnkey silo plants

Example: Grain processing plant

An example of the expertise of CIMBRIA HEID: A complete turnkey seed processing plant for wheat. All machines are designed, produced and maintained within the worldwide operating CIMBRIA Group.

1. Drying Plants (Capacity: 1 - 100 t/h)

2. Delta De-Awners (Capacity: 3 - 60 t/h)

3. Delta Flat Screen Machines (Capacity: 2 - 360 t/h)

4. Rotary Screening Cylinders (Capacity: 1 - 30 t/h)

5. Trieur Batteries (Capacity: 1 and 16 t/h per cylinder)

6. Dry Stoners (Capacity: 5 - 20 t/h)

7. Gravity Separators (Capacity: 2 - 15 t/h)

8. Batch Treaters (Capacity: 1 - 18 t/h)

9. Seed Treaters (Capacity: 2 - 20 t/h)

10. Maize Sheller with Delta Cleaner (Capacity: 20 t/h)

11.Cyclofans Capacity: (10.000 - 35.000 m3/h)



1. Drying Plant






2. Delta De-Awner

3. Delta Flat Screen Machine

4. Rotary Screening Cylinder








5. Trieur Battery





6. Dry Stoner

7. Gravity Separator



8. Batch Treater




9. Seed Treater

10. Maize Sheller with Delta Cleaner

11. Cyclofan

More than 100 years of experience

Nicolaus Heid (1850-1912)


Factory workshop (1905)

For more than 100 years our customers have set great store by our quality and experience: Back in 1883, Nicolaus Heid laid the foundations for today’s works in Stockerau near Vienna in Austria. This makes CIMBRIA HEID one of the oldest European manufacturers of machines and plants for the processing of seeds and agricultural grain products.

Quality begins with research and development


In-house research laboratory


In order better to understand and solve the problems of our customers we have set up an in-house research laboratory on our company’s premises. Here we develop product improvements and test all the machine types we produce. Complete product testing and training facilities allow for excellent training of our staff and experts. In this test environment it is even possible to simulate particular customer requirements and to work out individual answers.

Our plants operate worldwide


Seed processing plant

A large number of worldwide patents justify high research and development expenditure and indicate the high technological standard of our plants and machines. All over the world the products of CIMBRIA HEID Maschinenfabrik are bought and successfully operated: some 95% of our production is exported. And as a member of the CIMBRIA Group CIMBRIA HEID has access to a global network of highly qualified partners offering permanent support to customers and their plants.

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