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Cimbria De-Awner Data Sheet

Data Sheet 184

De-Awners DELTA 184

Cimbria De-awner type Delta 184 is specifically designed for treatment of malting barley, seed grain and all other seed varieties. Cimbria De-awners are employed mainly for de-awning of barley, breaking clusters of beet seed and for surface polishing of grains and vegetable seeds thereby improving the appearance and increasing the bushel weight.

The inclusion of a De-awner with its cluster breaking action will greatly improve the performance of subsequent machines in the cleaning system. The de-awning process is usually carried out before cleaning based upon the quality and type of grain or seed and the required quality of the finished product. The best position for such a machine should be determined after consultation with our engineers prior to installation.

De-awner type 184 consists of a totally enclosed rigid steel case equipped with an agitator. A shaft with staggered steel beaters revolves at high speed through the material disintegrating and polishing it. The RPM of the shaft and the space between the steel beaters is precisely calculated to give the sample gentle but effective treatment. The discharge shutter controls the degree of treatment, which does of course affect throughput.

Figure 1: Dimensions

dimensions of figure 1Figure one dimensions part two


Deawner delta diagram


  1. Inlet: Q-20
  2. Revolting shaft
  3. Steel Beaters
  4. Shutter with brush (rack and pinion as standard)
  5. Outlet
  6. Maintenance door
  7. Extra inlet for material not to be treated (bypass)

Can be delivered with Hardox wearing plate inside and ribbon. 


Technical Description Type 184

Pre-cleaning 30-60 t/h
Malting barley 10-25 t/h
Seed Grain 5-20 t/h
Overall Dimensions
Height 560 mm
Height with frame 661 mm
Length 1500 mm
Length with frame and motor 1520 mm
Width 486 mm
Width with frame and motor 994 mm
Weight 190 kg
Weight with frame excl. motor 228 kg
Weight with frame and motor depending on motor size From 5.5 to 18.5 kW


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