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Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic system.

Pressurized and Vacuum Systems

Conveying of materials can be done in a pressurized or vacuum type system that transfers product in an air stream, thus conveying it in suspension from point to point. The common system types are either dense phase, dilute phase or a hybrid of both.

Pneumatic Systems

Products like flour, grass seed, feed and food ingredients, resins, cement or powders are easily handled in pneumatic systems as they feature the ability to run the conveying lines in almost any direction and the lines are virtually self-cleaning.

System Components

Other components like air locks, blower packages, transmitters, piping, receivers and valves are available to make up a typical system. 

Pneumatic system option.



Pneumatic system by Bratney.


Pneumatic system offered by Bratney.


Smoot pneumatic conveying system.


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