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Omas Leonardo Roller Mill

The roller mill is one of the main machines in any milling plant. The Omas Leonardo Roller Mill incorporates all the experience and technological evolution resulting from the research and studies of their R&D department. Protected by an international patent, solutions offered are expected to completely revolutionize the milling industry market. 



Automatic machine with 4-8 horizontal rollers for thrust milling.

Streamlined machine including:

Differentiated structure made of 3 types of structural materials such as:

  • Stainless steel AISI 304, on surfaces in contact with flours, making the inner structure perfectly smooth, with no contaminating materials.

  • Anodized aluminium profiles, increasing the entire structure’s robustness. Profiles are treated electro-chemically, giving us considerable surface cleaning, appreciable aesthetics; and considerably reduced vibrations thanks to treatment filling cavities with sound-proofing material!

  • Electro-welded, varnished carbon steel, with braided frame for increased structural resistance and considerably reduced vibrations     

  • 4-8 cast iron balance cylinders with hardness 500 HB

  • supports with ball bearings in double row of barrel-shaped rollers

  • automatic pneumatic command system to attach/detach milling rollers, with safety micron

  • robust PETG type polyethylene inlet hopper, obtained through a specific hot moulding process, completely transparent to make the product easier to control. Control of feeding flow with infrared ray probes connected electronically with the variable speed feeding rollers

  • cleaning of milling cylinders using brushes or scrapers that detach automatically

  • command and management device with touch screen, intuitive and polyfunctional, prepared for profibus, ethernet, modbus connection

  • Drive with revolutionary, permanent magnet torque motors providing an infinite number of technical and technological advantages

  • Milling roller pressure control system (OPS - Omas Pressure System) (only with torque motors)

  • Feeding rev control system

  • Possible traditional drive with differentials to return movement to milling rollers, by special rubber groove belts

Omas Leonardo Roller Mill by Bratney                       


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