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Horizontal Vibrating Finisher

Omas Horizontal Vibrating Finisher

For effective sifting of oily and sticky milling products separated by filters and bran finishers, the Omas Horizontal Vibrating Finisher is used to effectively sieve products separated by filters and bran brushes. It is a very delicate machine and enables an increased plant yield by selecting the dirtiest parts and the processing residue of other machines.


  • fabricated sheet metal structure resting on rubber shock absorbers

  • sifting unit consisting of one rotor supported by double row roll bearings and equipped with radial adjustable beaters

  • cover complete with high-resistance nylon sifting cloth fixed to a steel housing, which can be easily disassembled

  • inlet plexi-glass pipe

  • discharge hoppers

  • beaters made in steel foil, adjustable in distance from the external cover completely encircling circular cover, thanks to the sieves hooking system, it allows a 360° wide sifting surface

Beaters made in steel foil

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