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Omas Galileo Plansifter


Omas Galileo Plansifter

The Omas Galileo Plansifter is the result of considerable R&D activities carried out by their technical development department. This structure stands out for the noble materials used such as stainless steel and anodized aluminium; avoiding contamination of flours.

The central part, robust painted steel structure, joins the side parts and moves them thanks to a counterweight adjustable with robust threaded bars! Walls are insulated using sandwich panels stainless steel AISI 304 walls, with polyurethane foam reducing internal condensation! 

perimeter wall design

Omas Galileo Plansifter structural frame

Perimeter walls are insulated made in sandwich panel to avoid condensation in stainless steel sieve sections.


Omas Galileo Plansifter offered by Bratney


Aluminum interchangeable sieves complete with special cleaning and expulsion pads.  


Side structures


Side structures with structural frame in solid anodized aluminium profiles and double plate stainless steel, with a 25 mm gap filled with polyurethane foam.


Flour frames

Patented flour frames in solid anodized aluminium and stainless steel trays, with no welding and extremely clean corners.  Then the reduced encumbrance creates a larger sieving surface, with no paragons (0,339 mq each or 0,42 mq for XL size)


Centralized greasing systems

Reduced maintenance with centralized greasing systems, easily lubricating all rotating parts of an ample size making them really long-lasting.


Innovative features

Technological innovation, compliance with health regulations, durability, are all the result of forward-looking, innovative ideas.


Suspension system

Solid suspension system, balanced by glass fiber rods. A set of oversized bolts, directly threaded on the structure, ensuring reliability over the years.



Doors in stainless steel AISI 304 panels for the inner wall, and shiny polycarbonate for the outer one! The gap is filled with 30mm of polycarbonate foam to increase sieving chamber insulation.



Machine consists of:
  • Central supporting framework made of fabricated sheet steel, hanging by means of flexible canes,complete with drive shaft and counter weight supported by two oscillating double row spherical roller bearings

  • Two sifter section assemblies bolted to the central framework, made of extruded aluminum alloy beams: perimeter walls are insulated made in sandwich panel to avoid condensation in stainless steel sieve sections

  • Perfectly air-tight doors made of stainless steel-reinforced insulated plastic, and fixed with screws to the sieve sections

  • Aluminum sieves

  • Aluminum interchangeable sieves complete with special cleaning and expulsion pads

Machine complete with:
  • Fiberglass hanging canes

  • Products inlet and outlet sleeves

  • Inlet and outlet boards with suspensions

  • Inox steel or plastic material joints according to the flow sheet

  • Sieve cleaning pads and products expellers

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