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Omas Purifier

The Omas Purifier offers really high performance levels, thanks to robust, yet lightweight, bodywork and structure: machine stability guaranteed by excellent structure balance transmitting no vibrations to the floor. Flour selection is just about perfect, guaranteed by uniform air circulation. Innovative frames and structure, synonym of quality and high performance levels. 


It is equipped with:

  • Subframe that includes discharging waste boxes

  • Sieving structure installed on elastic elements, with two triple superposed sieving lines

  • Two motovibrator give an alternating movement to the sieving structure

  • Feeding group adjustable for a uniform distribution of the product on the whole width of the sieve, directly connected to the aspiration, to avoid condensation

  • Aluminum sieves with sliding brushes on cursors with reversible movement for cleaning

  • Collection channels

  • Two independent aspiration chambers divided in sections with air regulation valves with micrometrical opening

  • Connection channels to the central aspiration

The machine is complete wITH:

  1. Aspiration hoods with adjustable butterfly valve

  2. Transparent plexiglas inlet

  3. Packing and brushes for sieves

  4. Sleeves

  5. Discharging boxes with three way valves

Flow Regulation

Anti intrusion barriers feature

Anti-intrusion Barriers

Anti-intrusion barriers have been mounted to protect products against any foreign bodies.

Omas Purifier detail

Omas Purifier flow knob

Flow Regulation

Flow can be regulated in the chambers, in three different points:  by macro regulation in main aspiration, graduated micro-regulation of single sectors, by a simple know.

Inner LED light for Omas Purifier

Inner LED Light

Inner LED light, illuminating the internal sieves, facilitating regulation by the operator.


Polyzen Guides

Sieves easy to extract, thanks to polyzen guides inside the machine: guaranteeing easy cleaning and extraction over time.

Small frames in Omas Purifier

Anodized Aluminium

Small, robust frames, in anodized aluminium and stainless steel AISI 304, with no welding: idea and solution patented by Omas, the only one of its kind in the world. Please note the clean corners, with no welding, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and sieving surfaces.



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