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Treating & Coating

Treating and coating chemical delivery system by Bratney.

Proper design of the treating and chemical delivery systems is essential to the efficacy and viability of the product. With the value of seed and the various treating agents, ensuring the accuracy of the application while further ensuring the most uniform distribution of treatment materials on each and every kernel of seed is a Bratney standard.

We understand the wide variety of seed types, treatments, insecticides, fungicides, colorants and polymers on the market. We also understand that these can change and a system needs to offer flexibility to adapt to these changes and we incorporate those in our offering.

If your needs require weight gain or build up, let our experience work for you. We have applications ranging from 15% weight gain to as high as 1000%. Using a PLC to control the application of different liquids, powders, binding agents and the fine tuning the rotor speeds and mixing times allows our systems to be used in a multitude of applications. Even some as unique as the manufacture of kitty litter.  

Weight Gain Systems


Weight gain system equipment.

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