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Malting & Brewing

We provide complete design, construction and supply of equipment for a large variety of barley, malt and hops producers around the country. From some of the largest processors and brewers to the specialty or craft brewers, we have solutions to ensure a quality finished product.  

We specialize in cleaning, sizing, sorting, conveyance and storage of these materials and further our value with being able to perform turnkey installations, including providing the most advanced packaging systems available. We pride ourselves in offering a unique solution to sort by protein content with the BoMill Grain Quality Separator.

Whether you plan to renovate a barley or malt cleaning facility, build a hops pelleting plant or put in a receiving tank at your craft brew house, we have over 50 years for experience and are the company that will provide the best solution for your investment. You can rely on our assurance of quality, high productivity and safe operation.





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