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Hops Pelleting & Processing

Image of Hop Plant Pellets

We have supplied and built hops processing plants ranging from independent operators to the largest commercial hops providers.  Equipment and design solutions include bale breaking, grinding, pelleting, blending, pneumatic and mechanical conveying and hops packaging systems that can be equipped with a nitrogen flush to ensure your hops will remain fresh.

Along with a full line of equipment, our process engineering, design and millwright staff can add a single piece of equipment to your existing facility, or build a complete hops pelleting facility to meet the needs of you and your customers.


Hops Bale Breaker





The incoming hop bales are broken apart in this unique machine to allow the hops to flow and be processed further.

Hops grinding


Hammermills grind the hops into a uniform particle size for making the best pellets.  A properly designed air system is a must to avoid heat and friction, thus, ensuring the hops maintain their quality of taste.


Hops Grinding Hammermills


Hops Blending Equipment





Blending allows a consistent product time and time again.

Pellet mill


Offering a range of models, pellet mills combine the ground hops and compress them through a disc and pack all of the hop qualities into small pellets.


Pellet Mill


Pellet Cooler Equipment




Pellet cooler


After the pelleted hops are discharged from the pellet mill, they are gently cooled in a pellet cooler to ensure the quality and durability of each and every hop pellet.


hops packaging


We offer a full line of packaging machines that feature accurate weighments.  A standard feature is a nitrogen flush system that eliminates oxygen from the package, thus, keeping your valuable hops pellets fresh, aromatic and flavorful.



Hops Packaging Equipment


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