Meet Our Team

Bratney has an extensive team of industry experts from engineers and builders to product managers, and more. Meet the team that is eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.


headshot of Peter Bratney

Peter Bratney

President & CEO

headshot of Dave Ewald

Dave Ewald

Business Development Director

headshot of Steve McEachron

Steve McEachron

Packaging & Service Director

headshot of Dean Walkup, PE

Dean Walkup, PE

Project Services Director

headshot of Robert Halsey

Robert Halsey

Western Regional Manager

headshot of Darin Stutler

Darin Stutler

Processing & Milling Director

headshot of Michael Miesen

Michael Miesen

Chief Financial Officer

headshot of Walt Nashert

Walt Nashert

Sales Operations Director

headshot of Skyler Wirtz

Skyler Wirtz

Service Manager

headshot of Aly Funk

Aly Funk

Human Resources Manager

headshot of Scott Buchanan

Scott Buchanan

Safety Manager

Field Sales Managers

headshot of Randy Luken

Randy Luken

Field Sales Manager – Central Midwest

headshot of Keith Bos

Keith Bos

Field Sales Manager - Upper Midwest

headshot of Chris Davies

Chris Davies

Field Sales Manager – Dakotas

headshot of Casey Meggers

Casey Meggers

Field Sales Manager – Intermountain Region

headshot of Jeff Aplin

Jeff Aplin

Field Sales Manager – Mid South

headshot of Ron Garramore

Ron Garramore

Field Sales Manager – Northern California

headshot of Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia

Field Sales Manager - South America Team

headshot of Gustavo Miño

Gustavo Miño

Sales - South America Team

headshot of Javier Alanis

Javier Alanis

Field Sales Manager - South America Team

headshot of Nick Bredeweg

Nick Bredeweg

Field Sales Manager – Eastern Mid-West

headshot of Joel Andujo

Joel Andujo

Field Sales Manager - Southern California

headshot of Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

Field Sales Manager - Mid South Region

headshot of Gene Ott

Gene Ott

Color Sorter Sales - West Coast

Conditioning, Milling and Packaging Product Managers

headshot of Reed Dinsdale

Reed Dinsdale

Cimbria Product Manager

headshot of Dillon Phillips

Dillon Phillips

Milling Product Manager

headshot of Mike Giles

Mike Giles

Concetti Product Manager

headshot of Tony Rabey

Tony Rabey

Concetti Product Manager

Project Sales Managers

headshot of Ed Kovarik

Ed Kovarik

Project Development Manager

headshot of Chad Dobbs

Chad Dobbs

Project Development & Management Leader

headshot of Clint McCabe

Clint McCabe

Project Development Manager


Looking to join our team? Bratney is always eager to meet talented individuals with agriculture, engineering, or construction background! Check out our open positions to find the right fit for you.

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