Increase Milling Productivity with the Dry Wheat Scrubber

Gently and efficiently remove impurities and small quantities of bran from soft wheat, hard wheat, and durum.

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Omas DST Dry Wheat Scrubber

The Omas DST Dry Wheat Scrubber provides a more uniform, intense scouring of dry wheat kernels. 8 stone wheels gently remove impurities and minimal bran while an electronic actuator on the outlet gate allows finite control of the retention time kernels remain in the machine for processing.

Omas DST Dry Wheat Scrubber Features

  • Adjustable product gate controls processing time
  • Internal rotor with 8 abrasive elements
  • Rotor housing with Interchangeable perforated panels to match wheat types
  • Cooling fan

Omas DST Dry Wheat Scrubber Benefits

The Omas DST Dry Wheat Scrubber is designed to remove surface impurities and approximately 0.5% of bran, which Improves the cleanliness of the wheat, decreases tempering times, and increases yields. It Is built with maintenance in mind and allows operators easy access to the grinding wheels with wide Inspection doors.

Material Types

  • Wheat
  • Durum Wheat
  • Ancient Grains

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