Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Open-Mouth Bagging Equipment

Versatile and reliable bagging machines and systems for filling and sealing open-mouth bags of various products ranging from powders to cubes.

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IPF Automated Bagging Machine

The IPF is a fully automated packaging machine, intuitively designed by Concetti to fill and close small open-mouth bags with speed and precision. This piece of equipment is highly versatile with its ability to handle gusseted bags made of paper, coated paper, aluminum, and polyethylene with weights ranging from 0.5-22 pounds and various self-adjusting components for optimum filling and closing.

Technical Features

  • Bag Weights: 0.5 to 22 lbs.
  • Fully Automatic, recipe-driven changeover
  • Rate: up to 2,400 bags/hour
  • Single or Double Filling Spout
  • Bag-Closing Options:
    • Simple Sewn Closing
    • Sewing with Crepe Tape
    • Sewing with Adhesive Tape
    • Pinch-Top (Hot-Melt) Closing
    • Heat-Sealing

Bag Type, Shape, and Material

  • Type: Open mouth, pre-made
  • Shape: Gusseted, Block Bottom with or without handles
  • Material: Paper, coated paper, polyethylene, aluminum

Material Types

  • Fine powder
  • Free-flowing powder
  • Difficult powders
  • Granular
  • Granular / Powder mixes
  • Coarse
  • Flakes
  • Pellets
  • Cubes
  • Fibrous materials

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