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Top-Notch Equipment and Solutions for Material Handling and Packaging

Create more efficient, sustainable, and safe material handling process with Bratney’s leading-edge solutions and premium equipment supply. Whether you’re optically sorting table salt, blending fertilizers, or packaging and palletizing minerals, landscape materials or cement, we can help you discover a custom solution based on your materials and needs.

Discover Your Best-Fit Solution with Our Consultative Approach

We are inspired by solving your unique challenges and bringing you closer to your business goals. That’s why we take a deep look at your current plant processes and develop an innovative solution tailored to your business.

Enhance Plant Performance with Premium Equipment and Automation

When handling more hazardous materials like chemicals and fertilizers, safety and efficiency are of utmost importance. By equipping your facility with advanced machinery, you save time and money with increased productivity and reduce risks through intelligent process automation.

Gain Continuous Support and Partnership

We deeply value building long-lasting relationships with our customers. Bratney always stands behind the services we provide and the equipment we supply, so whenever you need us, we’ll be there. That includes maintenance, repairs, equipment training, and any other way we can support you.

Looking for the right equipment?

Click through the material selection below to see our recommended equipment solution for your material.

Tackle your next project with us.

Whether you’re building an entirely new facility or enhancing your existing facility, Bratney can help. We equip you with our expert engineers, designers, construction personnel, and sales and support staff to help you discover innovative solutions that improve your production process and your bottom line.

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Process Design & Engineering

Start from scratch or improve your process with our process engineering team. We design for your materials and requirements, and create the most efficient, cost-effective processing plant.

Sample Testing & Process Flow Validation

Send us samples of your materials and our process engineers will study your samples, test them In our lab and recommend the right equipment solution to ensure your materials flow thru the plant, meet capacity specifications and do so with the most efficient process.

Construction & Fabrication

Our construction team collaborates closely with you and our design engineers to flawlessly execute the construction of your plant and fabricate any structures to increase safety, improve performance, and build the facility that you want.

Equipment Selection, Installation & Training

Selecting the right equipment is easy with Bratney. Our years of experience help us identify the exact equipment for your requirements, install it properly, and train your team how to use it safely and effectively.

Maintenance & Repair

Our promise to you is that we always stand by what we sell. If any equipment needs maintenance or repair, we send out our skilled technicians to handle it right away and minimize downtime.

Parts & Screens

We have a skilled, in-house team of customer service technicians ready to take care of your equipment parts and screen needs. With inhouse screen manufacturing and a significant inventory of spare parts, this team can supply the parts you need and respond to your needs immediately.

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Get in touch with our team about your next project! We are eager to share our 50 years of industry expertise with you to take your mining, chemicals, or fertilizer materials facility to the next level of efficiency, safety, and quality.