Gravity Separators and Destoners for Grain and Seed Products

Confidently separate and remove impure or defective products with intelligent density separation technology that accurately separates Impurities from good products that have similar shape and color but different densities.

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Cimbria Gravity Separator

The Cimbria gravity separator is used to separate any kind of kernel or granular product with nearly the same size and shape, but with different densities between good products and foreign material or damaged kernels.

Gravity Separator Features

  • Feeding device to facilitate consistent product flow
  • Easy to operate
  • Full or partial dust hood
  • Lightweight aluminum decks
  • Accurate separation of light and heavy product
  • Stone trap
  • Stratification pins

Gravity Separator Benefits

The gravity table is an added level of accuracy and quality of your finished products and should only be used with pre-cleaned products. It is ideal for complex separating applications such as identifying grown-out, damaged cereals, broken cocoa beans from cocoa germs, green coffee beans from unshelled beans, ergot from rye, nuts from shells, sticks, etc.

Material Types

  • Corn
  • Cocoa Beans
  • Dry Beans
  • Green Coffee
  • Nuts
  • Pulses
  • Rapeseed
  • Seeds
  • Tea
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Wheat

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