Processing and Packaging Plant Design, Engineering, and Construction Services

Incorporating leading edge technology and engineering solutions into your processing facility will launch your business towards increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Bratney’s specialized knowledge in processing and conditioning facilities makes us the partner that will help you achieve the next level of innovation and success.

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Whether you’re building a new facility from the ground up, upgrading your current facility with new equipment, or seeking guidance on improving your plant performance, Bratney has the knowledge, experience, and resources to support your next project.


Process Design & Engineering

Our process design engineers have a specialized understanding of agricultural processing, conditioning, and packaging plants. We design and engineer plants to fit your material type and requirements and maximize the efficiency, safety, and ease-of-use of your facilities.

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Sample Testing & Process Flow Validation

Sample testing is the process of using samples of your materials and running them through a scaled version of your proposed process flow design. This step in the process gives you confidence and validation in your investment before anything is implemented in your full-scale facility.

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Construction & Fabrication

We collaborate closely with your team and our process engineers to seamlessly execute the construction of your processing or conditioning facility and other project needs. Our construction team is highly skilled at fulfilling projects efficiently and on time so you can get your operation running as soon as possible.

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Equipment Selection, Installation & Training

Making the investment in new equipment is a big one. Bratney supports your equipment selection process by making expert recommendation based on your material type and facility needs; then we install it and train you and your team how to use it safely and effectively.

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Maintenance & Repair

Routine maintenance is critical to preventing unscheduled downtimes that drain production and profitability. Bratney sets you up on a preventative maintenance program with our in-house, factory certified technicians to maintain, upgrade, and repair your equipment as needed.

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Parts & Screens

Our in-house screen manufacturing and spare parts inventory enables us to respond to your projects quickly and efficiently by supplying parts or manufacturing custom screens when and where you need it.

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About Bratney

For nearly 60 years, Bratney has been providing best-in-class equipment and services to clients across a variety of industries, sizes, and needs. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and skill that each team member possesses – from our technical sales team to our process design engineers. You can count on Bratney to take your operation to the next level of innovation, quality, and success.

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