What Bratney Values

At Bratney, we value our customers, our partners, and our people above all else. That’s why we’ve spent so many years developing best-practices in safety, building strategic relationships with manufacturers, discovering new ways to innovate every day, and supporting our customers when and where they need us.

Prioritize Safety

We learned a long time ago that if you take care of your people, your people will take care of your business. That is why we have established an award-winning safety program that puts the health and well-being of our employees at the forefront. We have developed comprehensive safety policies and procedures with an “over & above” approach. This approach takes safety beyond any governmental requirements, creating additional safety value for our people, our company, our customers, and our communities. To help workers integrate safety into their daily activities we use innovative techniques such as:

  • Daily job trailer discussions on safety plan for the work to be done
  • Evolving the Job Safety Analysis process to a “Same Page Plan”
  • Storing Personal Protective Equipment on portable power tools to ease its use
  • Turning an incident into a learning moment with the Bratney Safety Alert system
  • Holding “lunch & learn” sessions to discuss safety history and philosophy to promote personal safety program growth

Build Valued Partnerships

Throughout the years, Bratney has established exclusive partnerships with best-in-class manufacturers of processing, milling, and packaging equipment in the industry. We have a commitment to being more than a “reseller,” which is why we have built dedicated divisions for each of our partnerships with Cimbria, Concetti, Omas, Schule, and BoMill. Our division leaders are incredibly knowledgeable about every product our partners manufacture, enabling us to deliver the most precise equipment recommendations to our customers. We also employ skilled technicians for each of our equipment providers to avoid downtime and maintain optimal performance.

Deliver High-Quality and Innovative Solutions

Bratney strives to deliver high-caliber solutions to our customers that take their operation to the next level of efficiency and productivity. We dedicate our time to understanding our customers’ challenges and identifying opportunities for improvement, and even discovering additional revenue streams for some customers. Our team is continuously researching, testing, and adopting advanced technology solutions to pass on to our customers.

Provide Superior Customer Service

Our customers have the right to rely on Bratney’s process knowledge expertise and construction capabilities and experience. We stand behind our proprietary equipment. We will demonstrate safety, respect, and trustworthiness in how we conduct our business. We will remedy any problem that we created or contributed to, without hassle. If we sell it, design it, or build it, it will reflect our commitment to quality and work as intended. Bratney is proud to serve customers across an array of industries, including grain, seed, whole food, animal feed, and mineral products with a commitment to their success.

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