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Cimbria Centricoater for Batch Seed Treatment

The Cimbria Centricoater is the ideal machine for batch seed treating applications and yields the most accurate and consistent seed coating. The innovative technology of the Centricoater is what makes it so precise, measuring the exact same weight for each batch of seeds and evenly distributing the treatment slurry for optimal coverage.

Centricoater Features

  • Precise application of chemical to each batch
  • Electronic scale and accurate dosing gate for precise batching
  • PLC controlled - save recipes for each product to ensure consistent application
  • Slidable scale for easy access and cleaning
  • LAN Modem for remote maintenance and data exchange
  • Multiple chemical dosing systems available to meet any application:
    • Power feeders
    • Volumetric feeders
    • Mass flowmeters
  • Optional belt feeder for heavy flowing or bridging products (e.g., grass seed)

Centricoater Benefits

The Centricoater is economical as it eliminates any wasteful use of expensive coating slurries and overall improves the crop performance of treated seeds. It Is applicable to all types of seeds and slurries and ensures uniform distribution with every use. This machine is available in different models to suit your plant needs and can be configured to apply film coatings or for more complex applications like encrustation, pelleting, and weight gain.

Material Types

  • Seed Corn
  • Rape Seed
  • Soybean Seed
  • Sugar Beet Seed
  • Wheat Seed
  • Grass Seed

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