Advanced Agricultural Processing & Conditioning Equipment

Discover world-class equipment to enhance every stage of product handling – including conditioning, sorting, milling, packaging, and more.

What can modern technology and equipment do for your facility?

Whether you’re dealing with labor shortages, inefficient processes, or revenue-draining downtimes, there is an innovative equipment solution that can help. Bratney has spent years forming proprietary partnerships with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to bring you equipment that can automate your processes, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve the quality and safety of your facility.

Our Consultative Approach to Your Equipment Needs

As a premium equipment supplier, we make it our mission to provide you with the best equipment for your materials, processes, and goals. We have a team of process flow engineers that design an equipment system to maximize plant performance and process efficiency and procure the necessary equipment to achieve those goals.

Once you’ve selected your equipment, our logistics team takes over and manages the delivery, scheduling, and insurance of your products. When your equipment arrives, we deploy our millwrights to install your systems safely and skillfully. To support the longevity of your equipment, you will receive in-depth training on how to run your plant, optimize equipment output, make adjustments for variabilities, and maintain the equipment.

What’s included?

  • Process Flow Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Design and Procure Ancillary Equipment
    • Dust control, material handling, compressed air, automation, and more
  • Manage Equipment Delivery
  • Equipment Installation
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Equipment Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

Why choose Bratney?

Our focus on agricultural processing plants and commitment to long term relationships with world-class equipment suppliers enables us to provide equipment solutions that give your business a competitive edge. Working with Bratney means working with a partner who wants to understand your challenges and goals and make recommendations tailored to you, unlike other resellers only providing generic solutions.

Over the years a strong focus of our business has been to identify and partner with equipment manufacturers who share a passion for innovation, efficiency, quality, and safety. We're proud to partner with Cimbria, Concetti, Omas, BoMill and Schule to bring the best technology, features, service, and value to our seed, grain, food and feed products customers throughout North and South America.

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Turnkey Plant Design, Construction, and Equipment Installation Services

Bratney is your one-stop solution for your next processing plant construction or improvement project. We offer comprehensive support from the process design phase, all the way through the construction of your facility, to providing ongoing support and maintenance.

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