Color Sorting Equipment for Seed, Grain, Edible, and Industrial Products

Achieve highly accurate and high-capacity color sorting with Cimbria’s highly advanced color sorting technology that can handle even the most complex applications without sacrificing speed.

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Cimbria SEA.IQ PLUS Optical Sorter

The IQ+ color sorter is specifically designed to meet your exact needs, provide unmatched precision of micro sized foreign bodies and defects for any market you are in. The all-new optical system features a set of cameras with the combination of RGB – NIR – SWIR camera technology give the highest amount of visibility even when separating foreign materials that are the same color as your desired output material. This advanced camera technology paired with high speed processors reduce false rejects and concentrate reject streams to make the SEA.IQ PLUS the top color sorting solution for your business.

SEA.IQ PLUS Color Sorter Features

  • Full-Color RGB Cameras with Integrated Double-Frequency NIR
  • Multiple vision packages with SWIR/InGaAs or UV
  • NIR cameras excel at separating foreign materials from good products with similar colors like stick, stone, and plastic
  • InGaAs cameras separate defects which cannot be visually detected like unhulled grains or shells
  • Vibratory feeding system
  • Rapid-firing ejectors
  • High capacity feeding chutes
  • From 1-6 chutes with resort options
  • Up to 96 ejectors per chute to help concentrate rejects
  • AI technology to efficiently identify rejects

SEA.IQ PLUS Color Sorter Benefits

The SEA.IQ PLUS optical sorter is the most advanced vision-based sorter on the market uses multiple camera technologies, including a full-color vision system as well as NIR and InGaAs technologies. It can handle the most challenging applications for your business. 

Material Types

  • Grains
  • Seeds
  • Pulses
  • Coffee
  • Nuts
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Recycling
  • Corks

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