Rice Whitening and Grain Polishing Machines

Achieve the most pure and aesthetic final product with gentle yet effective whitening and polishing machines for rice, oats, legumes, and other grains.

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Schule Conical Rice Whitening Machine

The Schule Conical Whitening machine uses gentle treatment to remove the bran layer of the rice and other impurities that are still attached after the shelling process. The machine consists of conical discs and a conical perforated screen through which unwanted bran is discharged.

Schule Conical Whitening Machine Features

  • Conical discs with air channels between
  • Conical perforated screen
  • Counter-pressure plate to adjust product retention
  • Automatic Gap Adjustment

Schule Conical Whitening Machine Benefits

  • Gentle treatment
  • Long Disc Life Due to Adjustable Gap and Conical Design
  • Uniform load
  • Minimal breakage
  • High Capacity

Material Types

  • Rice

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