High-Capacity Grain Kernel Separation for Flour Millers and Malt Houses

Maximize the value of your grain and quality of your finished product by separating each kernel into fractions based on a kernel’s internal properties with the BoMill InSight.

BoMill InSight

BoMill InSight™ looks inside every kernel in a batch of grains to accurately sort into two quality fractions. This is done using BoMill’s proven sorting technology, based on Near-Infrared Transmission (NIR-T) spectroscopy. With a flexible sorting capacity from 2 up to 16 tons per hour (equivalent to 125,000 kernels analyzed per second), this machine addresses the sorting needs of all types of grain processors where inner properties, such as protein content, are of interest for process and supply chain optimization and maximizing profitability.

BoMill InSight Grain Protein Separator Features

  • Quality sorting based on individual kernel’s inner properties
  • Advanced, NIR-T sorting system
  • Compact and expandable design
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Cost effective installation and maintenance
  • Easy to use, electronic control system
  • Capacity up to 16 tons per hour

BoMill InSight Grain Protein Separator Benefits

  • For flour mills: optimize wheat supply to extract the maximum value out of fluctuating qualities and target specific baking qualities
  • For malt producers: optimize malt supply to identify barley with protein content suitable for malting, remove fusarium contamination and sell out of spec barley to other processors.
  • Control protein content of your incoming products
  • Separate grain into homogenous fractions increasing its value
  • Remove fusarium damaged kernels increasing quality
  • Add a quality control step previously unavailable to the market
  • Improve food security and safety

Material Types

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Malt

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