Improve Flour Quality by Removing Impurities

Eliminate most of the mycotoxins, bacteria and fungus that reduce flour quality during milling.

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Omas Intensive Wheat Sterilizer

The Omas Intensive Wheat Sterilizer uses specialized, tempered steel paddles to improve the technical performance of a scourer. It Is designed to remove surface contaminants like dirt, sand and mud while also eliminating Impurities In the wheat like, mold, pesticides, superficial mycotoxins, bacteria, ash and fungus. This milling step aids in increasing the wheat's water absorption capacity, reducing tempering times.

Omas Intensive Wheat Sterilizer Features

  • Adjustable product gate controls processing time
  • Specialty tooling with heat treated surface
  • PLC control system
  • Perforated stainless steel screen Is reinforced and divided in interchangeable segments
  • Balanced rotor with hardened paddles

Omas Intensive Wheat Sterilizer Benefits

This wheat sterilizer improves the performance of a mill by increasing the wheat's ability to absorb moisture, therefore reducing the tempering time. At the same time, wheat effected by mycotoxins, fungus, and pesticides can be cleaned of most adulterations, drastically purifying the wheat.

Material Type

  • Durum Wheat
  • Ancient Grains

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