Preventative Maintenance & Emergency Repair Services

Keep your plant operating and productive with routine equipment maintenance, upgrades, and immediate repairs when needed.

How can you eliminate unexpected plant shutdowns?

Unscheduled shutdowns to repair equipment failures badly hurts production and profitability. The key to avoiding lengthy, inconvenient, and unexpected downtime comes down to routine maintenance and a trusted partner to respond to emergency failures.

Our Approach to Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Supporting the continuous operation and success of your plant is our top priority. Our preventive maintenance program ensures that your equipment is in top working order; eliminating unexpected breakdowns that cause lengthy shutdowns and erode your profits. We have skilled technicians that routinely inspect, upgrade, and replace parts of your machinery. And inevitably, when failures do happen, our technicians will respond onsite rapidly to complete repairs and bring your plant back online.

What’s included?

  • Increased plant uptime
  • Increased equipment lifetime and operational efficiency
  • Decreased failures and the resulting production interruptions
  • Discount on parts for customers
  • Replacement of recommended parts
  • Certified technicians for each equipment manufacturer
    • Cimbria, Concetti, Omas, BoMill, and Schule

Why choose Bratney?

We keep your business at the forefront of everything we do. Working with Bratney as your maintenance partner will give you greater confidence in the performance of your equipment and your plant. Our technicians are highly trained professionals and understand how to support all the equipment within your processing or conditioning facility.

For nearly 60 years Bratney has been serving customers in the seed, grain, food and feed products industries with superior service that keeps their business productive and profitable. Discover how Bratney’s preventative maintenance program can support your business.

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Turnkey Plant Design, Construction, and Equipment Installation Services

Bratney is your one-stop solution for your next processing plant construction or improvement project. We offer comprehensive support from the process design phase, all the way through the construction of your facility, to providing ongoing support and maintenance.

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