Semolina and Middlings Purifier

Achieve the purest semolina and flour products with Omas’s advanced purifier.

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Omas Michelangelo Purifier

Purifiers are critically important in certain milling applications to achieve the highest quality final product. The Omas Michelangelo Purifier has a sleek and smart design that enables it to function at high capacities while reducing vibrations transmitted into the floor and ensuring premium endosperm purification through uniform air circulation.

Omas Purifier Features

  • Subframe with discharges
  • Sieve structure installed on elastic elements
  • Two vibratory motors to alternate movement of the sieve structure
  • Adjustable inlet for uniform distribution of product
  • Aluminum sieves with sliding brushes that reverse direction for enhanced cleaning
  • Collection channels
  • Two independent aspiration chambers
  • Aspiration hoods with adjustable butterfly valve
  • Transparent plexiglass inlet

Omas Purifier Benefits

The Michelangelo Purifier expertly separates bran from middlings to achieve the purest end product. The advanced technology and design of this machine enable it to perform at high capacities that will meet your mill's production goals.

Material Types

  • Wheat
  • Durum
  • Corn

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