World Class Equipment for your Processing and Packaging Facility

Integrate advanced technology, performance, and automation into your processing facility with best-in-class equipment solutions. Bratney has made it our mission to establish exclusive partnerships with only the world’s best processing and packaging equipment manufactures for our customers. Discover how you can enhance your plant performance with our comprehensive machinery selection and in-house process design.

Cleaning, Sizing, Color Sorting & Protein Grading

Explore our selection of equipment designed to fit complex cleaning, sizing, color sorting and grain protein grading applications. Bratney supplies Cimbria machinery for its technology, longevity, performance, and compatibility with a variety of materials – including seed, grain, coffee beans, and more. Bratney supplies BoMill machinery for its game changing grain separation technology based on individual kernel's inner properties.

  • Cleaning

  • Color sorting

  • Density separators

  • Sizing

  • Specialty equipment

  • Scalping

  • Aspiration

  • Ear corn shelling

  • Grain Protein Separation

Seed Treating & Coating

Meeting global food demands means every seed counts. Bratney offers premium seed treating and coating equipment from Cimbria Heid to effectively coat your valuable seed products. Discover a seed treating solution that will deliver highly accurate treatments to your seed and combat pests, disease, weather, and other concerns.

  • Batch treating

  • Continuous treating

  • Weight gain systems

  • Drying conveyor systems

  • Chemical delivery systems

Material Handling

While there are many ways to move material through the processing facility, knowing the most efficient and safest way to do so is our specialty. We offer a full line of belt, vibrating, chain, screw, and pneumatic conveying systems that allow your product to be moved efficiently while maintaining integrity and quality.

  • Elevators

  • Conveyors

  • Loading chutes

  • Dust control


Increase the speed and accuracy of your packaging system with an advanced, customizable, and automatic packaging solution. We can equip your facility with Concetti’s premium packaging machinery or turnkey packaging lines that handle a range of materials from edible products to grain and seed.

  • Bagging scales & feeders

  • Open-mouth baggers

  • Palletizers

  • Form, Fill & Seal Baggers

  • Bulk bag fillers

  • Wrappers & hooders

  • Sealing & sewing systems

  • Check weighing & metal detection

  • Printing & labeling

  • Accessories

Flour Milling

Enhance food safety and purity, reduce energy consumption, increase plant performance and get maximum value from crops with intelligent flour milling machinery produced by Omas and innovative protein separation equipment from BoMill. We partner with Omas because of their technological design capabilities that enables each piece of equipment to meet unique performance standards of every customer. We partner with BoMill to provide millers with advanced separation equipment to optimize the value of their wheat supply.

  • Roller mills

  • Plansifters

  • Purifiers

  • Bran finishers

  • Impact mills

Oat, Rice & Specialty Milling

Oats, rice, and other specialty grains are critical to the world’s food supply and require milling equipment than can preserve the quality of those products. Bratney is proud to provide our customers with Schule equipment, the world’s finest oat, rice, and specialty grain milling equipment manufacturer.

  • Drum groat cutter

  • Impact hullers

  • Whitening machines

  • Table separators

  • Roll shellers

  • Flakers

  • Aspirators

  • Fluidized bed dryer

Our Services

Not only do we offer premium facility equipment, but we are also experts at designing, building, installing, and maintaining processing facilities from the ground up. Our expertise is within process design, discovering the most efficient, productive, and profitable way to handle your materials in an end-to-end cycle.

Process Design & Engineering

Start from scratch or improve your process with our process engineering team. We design for your materials and requirements, and create the most efficient, cost-effective processing plant.

Sample Testing & Process Flow Validation

Send us samples of your materials and our process engineers will study your samples, test them In our lab and recommend the right equipment solution to ensure your materials flow thru the plant, meet capacity specifications and do so with the most efficient process.

Construction & Fabrication

Our construction team collaborates closely with you and our design engineers to flawlessly execute the construction of your plant and fabricate any structures to increase safety, improve performance, and build the facility that you want.

Equipment Selection, Installation & Training

Selecting the right equipment is easy with Bratney. Our years of experience help us identify the exact equipment for your requirements, install it properly, and train your team how to use it safely and effectively.

Maintenance & Repair

Our promise to you is that we always stand by what we sell. If any equipment needs maintenance or repair, we send out our skilled technicians to handle it right away and minimize downtime.

Parts & Screens

We have a skilled, in-house team of customer service technicians ready to take care of your equipment parts and screen needs. With inhouse screen manufacturing and a significant inventory of spare parts, this team can supply the parts you need and respond to your needs immediately.


About Bratney

For nearly 60 years, Bratney has been providing best-in-class equipment and services to clients across a variety of industries, operation sizes, and needs. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and skill that each team member possesses – from our technical sales team to our process design engineers. You can count on Bratney to take your operation to the next level of innovation, quality, and success.

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