Wheat, Durum, and Rye Bran Finishers

Increase flour yields by carefully removing flour from bran during the milling process using Omas’s bran finishers.

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The Rafaello Horizontal Bran Finisher

The Omas Horizontal Bran Finisher delicately handles flour products with its simple, non-abrasive bran removal process. The bran finisher has a flexible design to suit varying application needs, including adjustable beaters and paddles, achieving higher flour yields.

Horizontal Bran Finisher Features

  • Balanced rotor with 4 beaters, each with adjustable angle and distance to the cover
  • Shaft mounted on a double row of spherical bearings and supports with inner seals
  • Cover made of perforated steel specially shaped to avoid internal turbulence
  • Adjustable paddles to vary the rate of product flow through the machine
  • Two wide doors permit easy access for inspection and screen removal

Horizontal Bran Finisher Benefits

The horizontal bran finisher is essential to increasing product yields while maintaining the integrity and quality of the end flour product. It uses a centrifugal action to gently separate the endosperm attached to the bran, thus reducing flour loss, and ensuring higher yields. requirements.

Material Types

  • Wheat
  • Durum
  • Rye

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