Sizing and Length Grading Equipment for Seeds, Cereals, and Granular Products

Effectively sort your products by size and length to achieve consistent and optimal finished goods.

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Cimbria ZS Cylindrical Screening Machines

The Cimbria screening machine is used for sorting and grading seeds and grains based on differences in their width and thickness. This machine is highly accurate and efficient and is modularly designed to calibrate products into a wide variety of sizes.

Cylindrical Screener Features

  • Energy Saving Design
  • Simple Screen Exchange
  • Adjustable Screen Inclination
  • Self-Cleaning Screen System

Cylindrical Screener Benefits

The ZS Cylindrical Screening Machines are built as self-supporting steel construction that can easily be brought together in a variety of configurations. This innovative modular system means that a wide spectrum of sorting capacities and flows can be achieved while limiting drive motors to reduce energy consumption.

Material Types

  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Grain
  • Lentils
  • Seed Corn
  • Sunflowers

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