Remove Impurities from Wheat, Durum, and Rye

Eliminate Impurities that affect the color, ash content and taste of finished flour

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Omas Intensive Wheat Scourer

The Omas Intensive Wheat Scourer Is used to treat the surface of wheat in the first and second cleaning sections to remove dust, wheat trichomes, insect damaged kernels, mud and sand from wheat. These impurities must be removed prior to milling, or they will mix with the flour affecting the color, ash content and taste of the finished flour.

Omas Intensive Wheat Scourer Features

  • Tooling Is screwed in place, not welded, preventing micro cracks that can cause downtime
  • Paddle type beaters
  • Steel screen section with triangular pockets
  • Balanced rotor supported with double row bearings

Omas Intensive Wheat Scourer Benefits

The wheat scourer is designed to treat the surface of wheat, durum, and rye for a clean, hygienic wheat prior to milling. This step ensures uniform color, proper ash content and great taste of your finished flour.

Material Types

  • Wheat
  • Durum Wheat
  • Ancient Grains

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