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The Latest in Tote Bag Filling from Concetti!

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Concetti has launched the super-fast bulk bags weighing, filling and closing system - 180 BB/hr


Concetti, Bastia Umbria, Italy has launched an automatic bulk bags (Fibcs) weighing, filling and closing system which is operated by one single operator.  The new net weighing and filling station for single loop bulk bag can fill up to 180/BB per hour, ensuring an high productivity along with flexibility.  The system allows the automation of a manual process that generally employs three members of staff, greatly reducing costs and ensuring greater safety at work.

The machine operator, thanks to the new system designed and manufactured by Concetti, should only place bag to the filling spout, while all subsequent steps such as big bag blowing, alignment of the open mouth of the bulk bag after filling, automatic translation of the bulk bag in the sealing station, heat sealing of the bulk bag mouth, automatic lifting of the bulk bag hook and automatic insertion of the  mouth of the internal liner inside the bulk bag, are carried out automatically from the system.  Another operator will take the full bags with the forklift truck at the end of filling operations.


The automatic bulk bags (Fibcs) filling is also innovative because its flexibility allows for the first time, thanks to the adjustable bag-sac system, to use bulk bags of different heights, depending on the needs and requirements of the machine, and the application.  The electronic weighing system distinguishes itself for the remarkable precision.

A very attractive application of the new filling station is bagging of aggressive and corrosive chemicals: the bulk bags (Fibcs) system has been entirely made of stainless steel and can be washed with water to prevent scaling.  The single-handle sacks used are polypropylene raffia with internal "PE" and are sealed with heat sealing.