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Image of protective boots, a hard hat, ear coverings, gloves, and goggles.

"Safety is a core value at Bratney Companies. Our ongoing training and a company-wide commitment to safety have helped us to develop an industry leading safety program.  We practice safety in every aspect at Bratney, and also ensure that proper safety procedures and training are incorporated into all of our projects and designs.  Every employee deserves a safe work environment, so that they can return home safely to family and friends at the end of each day."  - Peter Bratney

We learned a long time ago that if you take care of your people…your people will take care of your business. That is why we have established an award winning safety program that puts the health and well-being of our employees at the forefront. To help workers integrate safety into their daily activities we use innovative techniques such as:

  • Evolving the Job Safety Analysis process to a “Same Page Plan”

  • Storing Personal Protective Equipment on portable power tools to ease its use

  • Turning an incident into a learning moment with the Bratney Safety Alert system

  • Holding “lunch & learn” sessions where safety history and philosophy are discussed to promote personal safety program growth

In addition to these techniques, Bratney Companies dedicates tremendous resources to the training and education of its employees and sub-contractors. We offer professional development training and our Corporate Safety Manager often holds train-the-trainer courses to expand employee knowledge.

We have also developed comprehensive safety policies and procedures with an “over & above” approach. This approach takes safety beyond any governmental requirements, creating additional safety value for our people, our company, our customers, and our communities.

If this sounds like a place of work you would like to learn more about, visit our Careers page. If you have any additional questions regarding safety processes or standards, please feel free to contact us today. We are always glad to be in touch.

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