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Optical Sorting

Cimbria color sorters for separating seeds, grains, foods, and industrial products with incredible accuracy and unmatched capacity.  Multiple camera technologies are available in one machine to easily handle the most complex color sorting applications.

Cimbria SEA optical color sorters from Bratney                  


Bratney Companies offers color sorters from Cimbria to match any application, capacity and budget. Cimbria develops and manufacturers an entire range of optical sorters using the ultimate technologies for cleaning seeds, grains, food commodities and industrial products. Their flagship model, the CHROMEX, combines a full-color vision system with NIR and InGaAs technologies making it the most advanced vision-based sorter on the market - a testament to Cimbria's commitment to continuous research and development.

As a global pioneer in electronic sorting, Cimbria offers highly advanced technological solutions to meet the challenges of modern seed, grain, food and industrial color sorting applications.

Optical sorters are the modern machines for seed and grain processing and they are typically located near the end of the processing line, after mechanical separations, to ensure the highest quality finished product.

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