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Cimbria SEA Chromex Optical Sorter

The CHROMEX optical sorter is the most advanced vision-based sorter on the market, proven excellent for sorting seeds, dry beans, peas, lentils and edible grains. The advanced CMOS cameras in its full-color vision system combined with NIR and InGaAs technology, allow the CHROMEX color sorter to see what other can't, separating the finest defects.

Cimbria SEA Chromex color sorters in a Bratney seed sorting plant

The CHROMEX color sorter offers the ultimate Full-Color RGB technology with 0.06mm optical resolution to meet today's demanding quality standards for seeds, grains, foods and other commodities. Thanks to its real-color technology, the CHROMEX optical sorter sees just like the human eye, recognizing up to 16 families of defects.

The combination of the Full-Color vision system with NIR and InGaAs technologies makes the SEA CHROMEX the most advanced vision-based sorter on the market, ready to handle the most challenging color sorting applications. 

Both defect size control and shape-sizing are standard in this electronic sorter to ensure the highest safety and purest finished product. The CHROMEX color sorter is available in sizes from 1 to 7 chutes to meet any production capacity and run product through multiple passes.

In addition, the CHROMEX vision sorting system includes Cimbria's new EXAGON user interface, an easy-to-use controller that enables even novice users to quickly define sorting programs and adjust the color sorter's settings.

EXAGON allows the same program to be shared across multiple CHROMEX optical sorters from a single centralized database ensuring consistent sorts across all your CHROMEX color sorters. Additionally, EXAGON has different levels of password-controlled access to machine settings as well as a homepage that can be customized to your liking.


Common color sorting applications with the chromex


Edible corn after color sorting.


Wheat after processing in a color sorter.


Sunflower seeds after cleaning with a color sorter.


Pulses after processing with a color sorter.


Coffee beans sorted by a CHROMEX color sorter.


Finished almonds after running through a Cimbria optical sorter.


Recycled plastic after sorting in a color sorter.


Recycled copper pieces sorted with a color sorter.


Full-Color RGB Cameras

  • CHROMEX sorters are equipped with 4,096 pixel full-color cameras with red, blue and green (RGB) sensors which provide 0.06mm optical resolution on differences in color and shade with dimensional control
  • The full-color cameras recognize 16 million individual colors
  • Camera scan rate is 18,000 times per second (18 KHz)

NIR and InGaAs Cameras

  • NIR and InGaAs cameras are used in the CHROMEX color sorter either alone or in combination to expand the visible spectrum of the machine and its defect recognition
  • NIR cameras excel at separating foreign materials from good product with similar color like sticks, stones and plastic in seeds, grains and coffee.
  • InGaAs cameras allow for separating defects which cannot be visually distinguished like removing seeds affected by sclerotium or separating hulled and unhulled grains or shells from nut kernels

Saved Recipes Store Sorting Parameters

  • The HSI image processing system uses photographs to compare the products to user-define accept or reject thresholds
  • The HSI system analyses images from the vision system nearly as effectively as the human eye - recognizing 16 different families of defects
  • Store up to 200 different custom-made sorting recipes

Control for Defect Size

  • Defect size is programmable and adjustable allowing users to determine if a spot on an individual grain should be rejected to accepted according to its size

Sort by Shape

  • Shape-sizing is standard on the CHROMEX color sorter allowing users to separate materials based on their geometric characteristics

Rapid-Firing Ejectors

  • State-of-the-art ejectors guarantee accurate expulsion producing highly concentrated rejects and minimizing product loss
  • Guaranteed for 2 billion cycles and easy to repair or replace

Innovative Design

  • Pressurized and air-conditioned optical boxes prevent dust from entering sensitive parts
  • Air tight structure keeps product and dust within the optical sorter
  • Folding optical boxes make cleaning and maintenance accessible and easy
  • CHROMEX color sorters include standard flanges for connection to dust control

High Capacity Feeding Chutes

  • CHROMEX is available with 1 to 7 chutes to match product capacity
  • CHROMEX can be configured for re-sorting and reverse sorting on multi-chute models
  • Chutes are designed to guarantee smooth product flow and minimize product damage
  • Chutes are reversible to enable multiple products to run through the same feeding system

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