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Cimbria SEA Hypersort Optical Sorter

Cimbria Hypersort optical sorting system from Bratney Companies

The nut processing and confectionery industry is experiencing an ever-increasing need to guarantee the absence of foreign materials in their final products. Cimbria SEA hyperspectral sorting technology guarantees the highest quality control at the end of the production line, particularly for high-value products such as hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and cocoa beans.

The SEA HYPERSORT electronic sorter is equipped with Hyper Spectral Near-Infrared Sensors able to recognize defective products according to their chemical nature. This challenging sorting task focuses on the specific spectral properties of the light that is reflected off the nut being sorted.

The ability of the infrared hyperspectral sensors (SWIR) to "see beyond the visible" allows the SEA HYPERSORT color sorter to separate out all foreign materials with the same color, shape and weight as the good product, such as shells, stones, wood, glass, etc. Optimum sorting efficiency is obtained through the best available hyperspectral NIR technology, combined with the latest RGB Full-Color high-resolution cameras.

SEA HYPERSORT's reliable performance ensures maximum color sorting productivity and collection of rejects. SEA HYPERSORT is the ideal color sorting solution for elements sized from 2mm to 30mm. The machines are available in medium and large versions to match production capacity.

Thanks to Cimbria's focus on research and development of innovative industrial solutions, the SEA HYPERSORT vision sorter is synonymous with pure products and food safety to meet the most stringent hygienic-sanitary requirements.

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