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Cimbria SEA Vetro Color Sorter

Cimbria SEA Vetro optical sorter for glass recycling.

Electronic sorting is an essential phase of any glass container or flat glass recycling process. Glass cannot be re-used until any contaminants like ceramic, stones, porcelain and metals are completely removed. Additional challenges include removal of leaded class, HR glass separation and mixed color glass sorting.

The SEA VETRO color sorter is a state-of-the-art solution for separating glass materials sizes from 1 to 50mm. Glass cullet larger than 10mm can be sorted in both dry and wet conditions without impacting the SEA VETRO glass sorters performance.

SEA VETRO is available in medium and large versions for different production capacities. All models can be equipped with one or two lines of ejectors. Standard is the 2-way version with two outlets for accepted and rejected material. Optionally, the 3-way version utilizes two lines of ejectors to separate that material simultaneously into three streams during a single pass. 

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