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Cimbria Delta Cleaner offered by Bratney.          Bratney offers Cimbria Delta Cleaner.

Cimbria Delta Cleaner

Bratney Companies has the process knowledge and equipment to handle any seededible product or grain processing application. Whether it is cleaning, sizing, separating, sorting or all of the above, Bratney can help. Our Cimbria equipment solutions are ideal for complex applications; separating by width, thickness, length, bulk density, color, and shape. Our vision sorting systems use RGB, infrared, InGaAs and hyperspectral imagers for the ultimate in sorting.

When cleaning requirements dictate maximum efficiency and the purest of finished products, Cimbria offers a wide range of machines to do this. The cleaning ability of the Delta Cleaner Line has earned the highest reputation in the seed, edible products, vegetable and grass industries where exacting separations are crucial.

We're confident in our expertise and solutions, but we understand these decisions require careful consideration. Let us show you what we can do...Bratney has product testing facilities in Iowa, North Dakota, and California with cleaning, grading, separating and color sorting systems available to test your samples. We will analyze and test your product then provide a report with the most effective solution for your goals. Visit our test facility page to learn more and schedule a free consultation.  Delta Cleaner Brochure




Accuracy and careful cleaning are key words in our development and production of the Cimbria Delta cleaners, and the quality of all material and components is uncompromisingly high. We offer advice and design of plants for all sorts of cleaning purposes based on R&D achievements and many years of experience. Cimbria has a wide and experienced service network which is continuously informed of the latest technical product developments and cleaning processes. The service organization is at your disposal to ensure the best and quickest service. 


Cimbria logo stamped on metal. TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE

The wide range of Cimbria Delta screen cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops by removing undesired elements and potentially dangerous impurities with high precision. The efficient and gentle Delta cleaning process ensures the quality and germinating capability of the seed by keeping the quantity of damaged seeds at an absolute minimum. The result is increased product value and higher earnings.

  • Research, test and training takes place at Cimbria’s full-scale seed-grain plant. On request, local test centers carry out test cleaning of any given product and determine the optimum screen perforations for special processes.

  • The Delta Cleaners are available in different series with more than 30 different models with capacities from 1 t/h finecleaning up to 450 t/h precleaning.


Wheat cleaned by Delta Cleaner Oats cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Grass Seed cleaned by Delta Cleaner.
Soya Beans cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Barley cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Peas cleaned by Delta Cleaner.
Maize cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Malt cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Rice cleaned by Delta Cleaner.
Sunflower Seeds cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Rape Seeds cleaned by Delta Cleaner. Coffee Beans cleaned by Delta Cleaner.




The Cimbria Delta cleaners are constructed of standard modules which can be built together and ensure that specific needs for a particular cleaning process will be met at all times. The wide range of Cimbria Delta screen cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops by removing undesired elements and potentially dangerous impurities with high precision.

Close-up of Delta Cleaner inlet with shaker feederINLET WITH SHAKER FEEDER

Optimal feed over the full width of the cleaner is achieved with a shaker feeder. The shaker feeder is designed to handle all kinds of grain and seed through a gentle and controlled feeding. The feeding rate is controlled through a stepless speed adjustment, ensuring the required capacity for any application.


Close-up of Delta Cleaner two-pass air separation systemPRE- & AFTER-SUCTION

All Cimbria cleaners are equipped with a two-pass air separation system. The pre-suction is designed to remove dust and light foreign material at the inlet of the machine to reduce the amount of dust and fines inside the machine. This ensures a nice and even flow of product on the screens. The after-suction is designed to collect remaining husk and fines in the clean grain at the final outlet of the cleaner.


Close-up of Delta Cleaner's flexible flow system.FLOW

Cimbria Delta cleaners are designed with a flexible flow system which offers the operator the possibility of using the optimum flow for a specific application. With easy changeable outlets and dividers the operator can choose between up to 16 different flow options on specific models. The optimum flow ensures maximum capacity and quality.


Close-up of Delta Cleaner's Cimbria screens.SCREENS

The Cimbria screens are designed for highest possible efficiency and are effectively kept clean by rubber balls in special designed ball boxes. A high percentage of open area ensures maximum capacity in the machine.



Close-up of Delta Cleaner's screen shoes.SCREEN SHOES

The screens shoes are made in coated marine plywood to ensure a long lifetime. With its strong and flexible structure, this material is extremely resistant against the constant movement in the machine. Wear areas inside the screen shoes are protected by easy replaceable plates in hardened steel.



Close-up of Delta Cleaner's eccentric system.ECCENTRIC SYSTEM

The eccentric system is designed to drive the screen shoes and create a gentle flow of product through the machine. The weight of each screen shoe is optimized to ensure a well-balanced and smooth motion. Supplied as standard with flywheel to recapture the force created by the movement of the screens shoes and reduce the power consumption.


Close-up of Delta Cleaner's electronic control system. ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM

Cimbria fine cleaners are supplied with an electronic control system. The system consists of a control panel which operates actuators and motors with integrated frequency control. The actuators operate numerous air gates inside the machine, and with digital adjustment settings ranging from 0-100, the accuracy in the settings are very high.


Close-up of Delta Cleaner's airlifting system.AIRLIFTING SYSTEM

The airlifting system consist of the airlifting unit providing a positive air flow from below the product and the negative air from the after-suction above. The unit is equipped with two staggered fans which ensures a homogenous air flow through the product on the final air screen. This combined with the electronic control system provides the most precise air separation adjustments on the market.


Close-up of Delta Cleaner's safety covers. OPERATOR SAFETY

Operator safety is our highest priority. The Cimbria cleaners are designed with covers to protect the operator from all moving parts. Samples from each outlet of the machine can be obtained with a special designed sample takers to ensure a user friendly and safe operation.






DELTA 100 SERIES Machine.


The Delta 100 Series has the most advanced air system on the market. This series is suitable for cleaning of all kinds of grain and seed. Ideal for difficult separations.

■ Shaker feeder

■ Air lifting fan

■ Pre- and After-suction

■ Electronic control system

■ Flexible screen flow


DELTA 110 SERIES Machine.


The Delta 110 Series is similar in design to the 100 Series, except it does not include the air lifting fans. This series is suitable for cleaning of grain and seed.

■ Shaker feeder

□ Air lifting fan

■ Pre- and After-suction

■ Electronic control system

■ Flexible screen flow


DELTA 120 SERIES Machine


The Delta 120 Series is designed for a precise grading of grain and seed.

■ Shaker feeder

□ Air lifting fan

□ Pre- and After-suction

□ Electronic control system

■ Flexible screen flow


optional accessories


Inlet hopper and buffer bins can be supplied with the Delta cleaner. This helps to ensure an even distribution of product in the full width of the cleaner. Buffer bin capacity of up to 2,5 m3 can be installed, supported only by the frame of the cleaner. Further buffer bin capacity is available but will need additional external support.


Aspiration can be supplied with the Delta cleaner; several different aspirations systems are available, and the solution for any application can be found within our range of fans.


Spouting can be supplied with the Delta cleaner for easy connection with other equipment in the plant. Outlets on the Cimbria cleaners interconnect with the comprehensive Cimbria Q-spout system.


A stand can be supplied with the Delta cleaner to ensure a solid and steady foundation for the installation. A stand can help ensuring the space needed to install conveyors for waste and clean product. Stands in different standard heights are available and customised stands can be offered to fit height requirements in a plant.


An access platform can be supplied with the Delta cleaner;. This ensures safe access to all needed areas of the cleaner. A platform will help ensuring a safe environment for the operator, and can help reduce the time needed for service and maintenance as well as the time needed to change screens. Platforms in different layouts are available, and customised platforms can be offered to fit layout requirements in a plant.

Full size Delta Cleaner with all optional accessories.

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