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Vertical Conveying Solutions

A bucket elevator is a machine that’s designed to transport bulk materials. Anything from light to heavy or from fine particles to large products, and they do this vertically. Examples of products being moved include grain, seed, edible products, pellets, powders, and many other industrial applications for free-flowing, dry material.

Vertical bucket conveyor elevators provide a very efficient means of moving material.

Although similar to conveyor belts, bucket elevators transport material using buckets attached to a rotating belt or chain. These buckets pick up bulk material, transport it to an endpoint, and then release the material.

The principle of operation is similar in all vertical bucket conveyor elevators. However, there can be significant differences in bucket elevator belt speeds, belting types, type of cup, and the rating of the drives and bearings being used.

Cimbria Bucket Elevator

At Bratney Companies, we believe in Cimbria. They are one of the world’s leading producers of conveying equipment for agricultural and industrial equipment, delivering elevator control systems all over the world.

Cimbria has a range of products that contain models constructed to suit various materials and tasks. There is also a range of standard features along with different types of buckets. The optimal number of buckets per meter belt and nominal belt speed is calculated depending on the specific material and capacity requirements.

The elevator head is a bolted construction and it is complete with a heavy-duty main drive shaft mounted on industrial quality ball bearings. The elevators are available with a wide range of accessories.

Learn more about the specifics of their products.

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Here at Bratney we pride ourselves on discovering the system that will best suit your needs.

With our years of application knowledge, we take care of the details in our designs and construction to ensure that your plant flows without disruption.

We recognize material handling equipment does not add value to your product. So with careful planning, we make sure the equipment is fed properly, with the correct spout angles and transitions, to keep your products moving efficiently while also keeping their integrity in place.


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