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Bulk Handling & Loading Chutes

Loading chutes.

The Cimbria Moduflex loading chute is designed to contain dust that is typically emitted during the load out process of dry bulk materials.

The chutes are manufactured with different discharges so that they can be made to specifically handle stockpiling, the loading of open top trailers and ships, or can also be made with a cone to fit into the opening of a  tanker truck.

In the open filling system, the loading chute automatically retracts as the pile builds, thus the skirt of the chute maintains proper clearance while still containing the dust. On the closed units with cone, a sensor monitors the depth of the product and can be set to shut the flow off when the product reaches a pre-determined fill point, thus insuring no spillage.

Dust collection equipment can be either auxiliary, or integrated within the Moduflex system and a variety of materials, including food grade components, are available. Capacities range from 5300 – 25,000 cubic feet per hour on the standard units or up to 98,000 cubic feet per hour on the ship loading series.

Cimbria Moduflex Loading Chutes Brochure

Closed Loading

Closed loading chute diagram.


Open Loading

Open loading chute illustration.

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