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Chain Conveyor

Convey Horizontally or at an Incline

Chain conveyor systems offer an optimum way to convey grain, and other bulk materials horizontally or at an incline. Modular in design, these types of chain conveyor systems can be easily supplied for a particular length and with proper planning, can be added to in the future.

Outdoor Installations

Available in mild or stainless steel, flat or round bottom designs, and options for bypass inlets, multiple discharge points, and wear-resistant linings. These types of chain conveyor systems are well suited for outdoor installations and can handle many applications that are not as efficient as other conveyor types.  

Chain angle conveyor.



Angle Conveyor



Chain conveyor tension terminal.

Chain Conveyor Tension Terminal



 Cimbria Chain Conveyor Brochure


Meeting Demands and Requirements

The Cimbria chain conveyors are ideal for horizontal and inclined conveying of materials that require a completely closed, dustproof transport such as grain, pellets, and powders. Various models and sizes are available depending on the materials being conveyed and the required capacity. 

Cimbria chain conveyors are manufactured in a modular system and can be supplied in the exact required length. They are available with various accessories making them well-suited for specialized operations. Several of the available additional features also provide increased safety. 

Modular Structure

The modular structure means that the user receives precisely the solution that matches his application, as well as a level of flexibility that enables modifications and repairs to be carried out with a minimum of disruption of the conveying process. This reduces not just the maintenance costs but also the knock-on effect in lost production time.

FOrm and Function 

Optimal design and construction make the chain conveyors a reliable and safe solution. With the variety of models combined with an extensive range of accessories, they meet the specific customer requirements while at the same time fulfilling the standards of the various directives which secure the health and safety of the people operating the conveyor.

Support and Service

We place great emphasis on giving customers the right advice so that they can select the very best solution – in both technical and financial terms – in collaboration with Cimbria. Our customers can always be certain that the product has been thoroughly tested and documented. In addition, we keep all standard components in stock, which means that we can provide quick and efficient service for our customers.

Examples of Materials to be conveyed


White Rice



Green Coffee




Wood Chips




Chain Conveyor Construction

Cimbria offers a diverse range of chain conveyor models, each constructed to suit various materials and tasks. Every model comes with an array of standard features including:

  • galvanized steel sheets
  • easily assembled sections of 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 mm
  • assembled tension and drive station
  • intermediate sections
  • 10 mm wear plate on the bottom plate
  • drive terminal with hollow shaft gear
  • motors and gears from a well-known and acknowledged supplier in energy classes IE2 and IE3.

The main feature is the chain which is manufactured using special steel with welded flights, and fitted with hardened steel bushes. A number of flights are complete with plastic flaps, which clean the bottom of the conveyor box. The chain can be supplied with return buckets for return transport of material in the conveyor.


Chain conveyor tension terminal.

  • can be made into the lid or by means of a side inlet
  • double side inlets available (shown right)
  • available in standard length of 990mm 
  • ideal for inlet hoppers, bulk weighers, and other places where a bin is to be emptied

Conveying Chain

Chain conveyor tension terminal.

  • manufactured in special steel with flights welded on. Includes assembly pins and hardened steel bushings. This provides a hardwearing chain that is easy to install.
  • has a sufficient number of nylon flights in the full width of the conveyor to ensure emptying
  • is available with return buckets for conveying overflow material
  • various types of special chains (ex: drop forged chain) are available upon request.

Intermediate Sections

  • efficiently assembled using assembly devices that ensure a tight and straight running chain conveyor 
  • height adjustable legs for easy and flexible installation of the chain conveyor in the required height
  • complete with 10 mm PEHD wear plates that extend the chain conveyor's lifetime and minimize noise for optimal working conditions
  • designed with return rollers for minimum friction and noise

Drive Station 

  • delivered with an efficient hollow shaft mounted gear, including standard motor and safety switch as overflow control
  • outlet fits the unique Cimbria Q-spouting system

Tension Station

  • used for keeping the conveying chain tensioned
  • designed with a tensioning device that allows adjustment of the chain while working
  • can be delivered with speed guard

Return Rollers and Wear Plate

  • provides minimum friction and silent running conveyor
  • ensures long service intervals between chain tensioning
  • manufactured in nylon or steel
  • supplied with exchangeable wear plates in the bottom
  • wear plates can be in steel or PEHD


  • easy to mount
  • can be used for both floor or roof mounting
  • easy adjustable to various
  • inclinations
  • maximum inclination standard 12° 


  • available in manual, pneumatic, and motor operated versions
  • complete with wear plate on the slide plate
  • designed with a brush that keeps the chain above the slide clean and ensures optimal chain cleaning
  • complete with outlet spouts that fit the unique Cimbria Q-spouting system

Accessories And Features

  • explosion relief panels 
  • atex zone approved parts
  • double bottom and heightened cover 
  • shutter - manual - pneumatic, or with a spindle motor
  • speed guard 24 or 220 V
  • plow by chain wheel to prevent blockage
  • curved plate at drive to prevent material building up 
  • inline shutters

Models and Capacities


  • suitable for a wide range of applications in silo/storage plants and processing industries
  • low to medium capacity conveyor
  • galvanized execution

Type RM

  • suitable for use in silo/storage plants, ports, and terminals
  • high-capacity conveyor
  • galvanized execution

Chain conveyor tension terminal.

Type Ra

  • an angled conveyor designed with the principle of the chain conveyor in mind
  • particularly suited for bulk intakes or to avoid the use of an elevator for inclined conveying from one machine to another up to 45 degrees
  • can be mounted with a downward curving bend so that the direction is altered from ascending to horizontal


Type RS

  • a trapezoid conveyor designed with the principle of the chain conveyor in mind
  • has a specially designed trapezoid formed bottom and flights that ensure total emptying
  • increases the number of utilization as the conveyor is running totally empty
  • can run up to 15-degree inclination without decreasing the capacity

Type RT

  • particularly suited for wood shavings and wood chips
  • unique features include a double distance between flights, return rollers in steel, and large milled grooves in the sprocket teeth which are practical in the event of material accumulation on the sprocket

Type RW 

  • particularly suited for light, chipped products, primarily waste products such as paper, grain residue, wood shavings, dust, and similar particles
  • flexible, quiet, and operationally cheap means of conveying products
  • A great alternative to a mechanical screw conveyor or pneumatic transport



  • comprehensive documentation
  • high industrial quality
  • more than 60 years of experience
  • local representation in 60 countries
  • numerous installations worldwide
  • can be supplied as stand-alone equipment or as part of a turnkey plant

Modular Construction

  • easy and quick replacement in case of damaged or worn parts without having to dismount the chain conveyor
  • easy assembly
  • reliable operation
  • minimum of maintenance
  • low energy consumption
  • minimized downtime = maximized profit for the end-user

Comprehensive Product Programme

  • handles all dry bulk materials from industry to agriculture 
  • customized solutions to suit specific customer requirements 
  • day-to-day delivery of spare parts
  • standard components in stock 
  • extensive range of accessories for all applications 
  • full compliance with the ATEX directive 
  • continuous development of new products and features 

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