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Screw conveyor illustration.

According to historians, the first evidence of an Archimedes screw use was around 250 B.C. A Syracusan natural philosopher and scientist named Archimedes supposedly invented it, although evidence has led others to believe he simply improved upon an earlier design.

Regardless of its origins and who invented the screw, it now represents the combination of two common simple machines: the inclined plane and the cylinder.

For decades, screw conveyor systems have proven to be a simple, effective way to convey granular products horizontally or at an incline.

A Wide Range of Designs

Quality screw conveyor systems and parts are available in a wide range of designs and materials. At Bratney, we work with Cimbria Contec screw conveyors and believe they provide an efficient and reliable method of conveying a wide range of industrial bulk materials.

 In most cases, a simple screw conveyor system can be used. However, there are also more specialized systems available that include stainless steel, heavy-duty drives, and components, multiple discharge options, or the ability to handle high-temperature applications. 

Depending on the material handling needs you have, there are options available to effectively convey products.

Allow Our Expertise to Help You

Here at Bratney we pride ourselves on discovering the system that will best suit your needs. With our years of application knowledge, we take care of the details in our designs and construction to ensure that your plant flows without disruption.

Screw conveyor diagram.

Screw conveyor offered by Bratney.

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