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Horizontal Bran Finisher

Omas Horizontal Bran Finisher

Omas Horizontal Bran Finisher

Simply delicate, not abrasive, the Omas Horizontal Bran Finisher maintains the endosperm characteristics, without altering the main organoleptic characteristics. Fully balanced rotor, with adjustable palettes when coming close to the cloth. Detach for Machine which uses a centrifugal action to gently separate the floury endosperm attached to the bran, thus reducing to the minimum the starch content of offals and ensuring high flour yields.

Machine consisting of:
  • Welded sheet structure;

  • Statically balanced rotor fitted with 4 beaters, each with adjustable angle and distance to the cover

  • Shaft mounted on a double row of spherical roller bearings and supports with inner labyrinth seals

  • Cover made of perforated sheet steel specially shaped to avoid internal turbulence

  • Adjustable paddles to vary the rate of product flow through the machine

  • Two wide doors permit easy access for inspection and screen removal

Machine complete with:
  • Transparent inlet sight glass

  • Erection accessories

Completely encircling circular cover

Completely encircling circular cover, thanks to the sieves hooking system, it allows a 360° wide sifting surface.

Beaters made in steel foil

Beaters made in steel foil, adjustable in distance from the external cover.




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