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Bagging Scales

Properly matching the product feeder and bagging scale to the application is critical to the performance and accuracy of the bagging line. Bratney’s packaging division has several solutions for fast, accurate and hygienic bagging scales available with multiple feeding systems to match any product, application rate, and budget.

Our range of bagging scales includes gross weight and net weight systems as well as volumetric feeders and mini weighers for small-format bagging systems. Bratney’s packaging experts will study your product samples to understand its composition, flow characteristics, density, humidity and a range of other factors to develop an engineered solution for your bagging application.


Gravity feed bagging scales are perfect for products that range from free-flowing to semi-free flowing like seeds, whole grains, and cereals. They are simple, accurate and extremely fast. Models available for bagging rates up to 1,500 bags per hour. Optional brushless motors on the dosing gates provide unmatched accuracy.


A belt feed bagging scale designed to handle semi-free flowing products like animal feeds, bran pellets and other granular products.

Belt feed bagging scales are ideal for medium-flowing products including pellets, granules, flakes, granulated/powder mixes, and products with gentle handling requirements. The advanced PLC control system and precise product regulating gate make these belt feed scales highly accurate. Systems available up to 1,500 bags per hour.


A screw feed bagging scale for bagging systems filling powders.

Screw feed bagging scales manufactured for powdery and fluidized products – the screws are fully contained in a housing that prevents dust from escaping during product transport. Options for single screw, double screws, inclined screws and self-cleaning systems to match your accuracy requirements, bagging rates, clean-out needs, and product characteristics.


a double feed bagging scale to run products with different handling needs through the same bagging scale.

Double feed bagging scales combine two different product feeders to the same bagging scale, ensuring all of your products are handled according to their individual characteristics and to ensure accurate filling. Double feed bagging scales are ideal for minimizing cross-contamination points in the bagging system. Any two feed systems can be combined on the same bagging scale.


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