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Open-Mouth Bagging Equipment

Concetti open mouth bagger filling paper bags

Concetti offers a full line of automatic, semi-automatic and manual baggers to handle all types and sizes of pre-made, open-mouth bags. Concetti fully automated bagging systems are PLC controlled and include an automatic adjustment for product changeovers, capable of changing the empty bag magazine, bag closing devices, conveyor heights, scale settings, and integrated accessories in under 90 seconds.

These versatile baggers work with many products including powders, granular materials, flakes, pellets, and cubes. Concetti bagging machines will run paper, porous polywoven, laminated polywoven, or polyethylene bags including several different bags types on the same machine. Multiple bag closing devices can be incorporated inside the bagging cabinet ensuring bags are filled and closed before exiting the bagger.

IPF Automated
Bagging Machine

          High speed open mouth bagger for small bags weighing between 1 and 22 pounds.

The IPF is a fully automatic bagger, designed to fill and close small open-mouth bags. Highly versatile, the IPF handles gusseted bags made of paper, coated paper, and aluminum ranging from 1 – 22 pounds. Available with single or double filling spouts and rates up to 2,400 bags per hour.

IMF Automated
bagging machine


Dual spout open mouth bagging machine for bags weighing 5 to 55 pounds.The IMF is a fully automatic bagger designed to fill and close medium open-mouth bags ranging from 5 – 55 pounds. Equipped with two bagging spouts, the IMF will fill bags at up to 1,800 bags per hour and is an excellent choice for high-speed bagging of powders that require de-aeration during filling.


Automatic bagger for large, open-mouth bags, weighing between 11 and 110 pounds.

The IGF series of automatic baggers fill and close large, open-mouth bags ranging from 11 – 110 pounds. The IGF bagging series offers unmatched versatility, capable of working both flat and gusseted bags made of paper, polyethylene and porous polywoven, both with and without internal liners. Rates up to 1,200 bags per hour.


Automated high-speed bagging machine for open mouth bags.

STARPACK® is an automatic bagger designed for high capacity bagging of large open-mouth bags with excellent versatility.  The STARPACK® bagger will fill and close all types of pre-made, open-mouth bags ranging from 22 – 110 pounds at rates up to 1,600 bags per hour.

open mouth bagger with form fill & seal module

Concetti open mouth bagger with form fill and seal module.

The Concetti IGF Bagger with Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) module automatically fills and closes pre-made open mouth bags, or can bag from the FFS module; forming, filling and sealing bags from a tubular polyethylene reel. It is simply the most flexible automated bagging machine available.

semi-automatic bagging machines

Concetti semi-automatic bagging machine for pre-made, open-mouth bags

Semi-automatic baggers automatically hang and fill bags on the filling spout, then discharge the bag for operators to manually introduce bags into the closing device. Bagging rates up to 600 bags per hour. These systems are upgradeable to full automation, like the IGF line of automated baggers.


Manual bagging machine for open mouth bags

Manual baggers designed for operators to safely and efficiently fill and close the open-mouth paper, polywoven and polyethylene bags with or without gussets. Manual baggers can be equipped with gravity, belt and screw fed bagging scales to match any application. Bagging rates up to 1,200 bags per hour.




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